Monday, April 4

Day 5 - Knicks game, name dropping and barfing in a trash can

Day five was Sunday, and because Drew was still dealing with a touch of illness, and also because he had an assignment due later on in the day I got to spend the majority of Sunday by myself, alone, single!!!! It was wonderful!
I got ready and headed to Central Park, it has quickly become my favorite place to spend any time I have. I love everything about it. So off I is my day in photos again!

Day 5

After I got breakfast I sat at the fountains and watched people. My favorite activity in one of my favorite locations. The day was so warm and sunny. It was perfect.

I am not sure why I love this picture so much, but I do. More of the glass with the sun. 

I was playing with this bird too. 

After I had sat at the fountians for a while this thing (weird Statue of Liberty person) caught my attention across the road. I crossed the roundabout and went over to see what it was when a man came up to me and asked if I was interested in going on a bike tour of CP. It was the same man that had asked me about a bike tour the day before...I thought it over for about 10 seconds and figured what the heck! So off we went!

This is the darling Croatian man who gave me a tour and showed me where all the movies were shot and all the best spots are. I loved his cologne (which I could smell the entire ride) and I loved listening to his accent, it was very comforting to me. 

Essex house is where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie live.

The horse rides in CP looked nice too, but I liked the bike more, not to mention wafts of cologne smells way better then horse poo.

I forget who the famous person who lives here is.

More famous people live here too... maybe I was not the best student.

This building was where a scene from Face Off was filmed with Nick Cage and John Travolta.

Yupers, I forget this one too.

The bronzed dog in this picture is Balto. My guide has a love for animals so while he was telling me the heroic story of Balto he started tearing up, it was so cute.

If you look closely you can see the little boats on the water, this is where the boat scene for the kids movie Stewart Little was filmed.

Me in front of the statue where the dance scene for Enchanted was filmed, and where Santa's sleigh hit the wings in Elf.

I love this bridge, this is where I am going to get proposed to one day. 

This is the Friends fountain. My guide told me that the fountain they used in the show Friends was actually a replica of this one and then taken to California for filming. But its was fun to see everyone jump off this one. 

Me and my wonderfully smelling guide.

This field actually has 5 baseball fields whose outfields all connect without any fences. My European man told me that at night some of the Broadway productions come here to rehearse and if you are lucky they will let you join in and participate with the practice. But that is only in the summer.

After my tour was over I decided I was going to be a brave girl and go explore the subway alone. ...what could happen right?

The art was really great.

It was very interesting people watching down there. I am so happy we stayed for 7 days. I feel way more comfortable than I did day 1. I am noticing how friendly New Yorkers actually are too.

At around 4 I went back to my hotel to get Drew so we could head down to MSG for the Knicks game. I was so excited all afternoon I could hardly eat. The anticipation was incredible!

I carefully looked at everything and decided on a Knicks cap as my souvenir.

After I got my hat, Drew got a hotgDog (we did not have time to eat before we left because he had to finish his assignment for school so we figured we could just eat at the game). I got a huge tub of popcorn and a water, I was pretty hungry as I had eaten nothing all day.

Walking up to the opening was exhilarating! My heart was pounding and I found it hard to catch my breath. I was actually here! 

I am so glad we got there a little early, the pre-game stuff was incredible! I was able to get within 15 feet of the players. It was surreal!

Warm up.

Tip Off!

For a game that was expected to be a slaughter (which it was) it was amazing the energy in the building. NY loves their Knicks!

I almost kicked this couple they were so annoying. I don't even know why there were there, they hardly watched the game, they just kept looking at each other. It was making me mad, I wanted to say "I KNOW HOW MUCH THESE SEATS WERE, PAY ATTENTION"!!!!!

During the game they shot out t-shirts out of a huge cannon. One of the shirts actually hit Drew's hand and he knocked it down and this little boy in front of me grabbed it. I was happy for him. I would have lost my mind if lovey-dovey got it.

During the game whoever is famous and is at the game gets a segment on the Jumbotron thing then after they are introduced they stand up, wave and the crowd cheers. The game we were at Whoopie Goldberg, Justin Bartha (actor), Floyd Mayweather (boxer), 50 Cent (rapper) and Larry Johnson (past Knicks player) were all there and we could see them clear as day.
Drew got me great seats for Valentines day!

After the game I sat there as long as I could. I did not want it to end. I have dreamed about this day for years, and it seemed to be over so fast. We sat and watched everyone leave until a rude lady came and demanded we get going.
Now, for any readers that might have weak constitutions, you might want to stop reading now, the rest of my night was a very rough one and you might not want to hear about it.... for those who continue... you have been warned!

I had to go to the bathroom really really bad. I drank so much and I was unwilling to miss any second of the game so when we were leaving MSG I was looking for a washroom, but everyone we found had a line up a mile long at it. So I decided, we have to get food anyway, I will just use the washroom where we get food. SO we begin walking...walking and walking walking and walking. Finally we arrive at Burger king for Drew. I am ready to burst and I go to the bathroom. Once inside I am going to pee my pants, so I begin to go, but the washroom is so gross, and such a mess (I will spare you how horrible and I will not describe what I saw...) I actually started feeling light headed and very sick. Maybe it was a mixture of excitement from the game, the lack of food, the smells and the visuals from the bathroom.  The problem was I was going as fast as possible and I could not hold my breath so I was getting more and more nauseas I could hardly stand it. The washroom was deplorable. Even typing this I am getting the warm salivas thinking about it... wretch...

When I was done I felt horrible. I told Drew I would wait outside for him. I figured some fresh air would make it better, problem was in NY there is no fresh air. Whenever you walk anywhere people are smoking all around you. So we were walking back to the hotel, I was feeling awful, and I kept getting mouthfuls of smoke which was making me more sick. I could feel my face turning green, I was a mess. In my defense I breathed through the sickness for almost 10 blocks, until we were 2 blocks away from our hotel and I could not hold it any longer. We came up to the corner and thats where the sewer smell from the storm drain hit me like a brick wall, I leaned over into the waste basket and barfed right into it.

I have nothing to say concerning the whole thing. I feel horrible there were people around, but in NYC you can pretty much do anything and I don't think anyone would care. They must have all thought I had been drinking too much.
Well, I sure can say NYC was exciting!
When we arrived back at the hotel, I cleaned up a bit and needed to eat something. At midnight the only thing available was cold cereal, for the bargain price of $20. Best cereal I have ever eaten!

The next morning I snapped a shot of the waste basket from the night before.... I have had such a great trip!

I am grateful Drew had school work to do. I loved that I had a day all to myself.

I am grateful I have stories to tell from my adventures.

I am grateful I am feeling more comfortble and able to chat with strangers the way I like to. 

I love New York City!!!


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