Sunday, April 3

Central Park and Uptown NY

Day four was the nicest day we have had so far. No rain and very little wind made it the perfect day to do Central Park and Uptown NY.
Central Park is such an amazing and impressive place that we wanted to wait until it was a little nicer so we did not miss anything while walking around. Funny thought, even with it nice out there is no way you could still get everything, but I wanted to try.

On day four, I had a couple while I was in Starbucks compliment my hair. Now that does not sound like a big deal but people here don't talk to each other the way we do at home. You don't just start talking to random strangers here, so the encounter was a nice surprise.

These buildings are so powerful looking, I love when the sun reflects of the glass.

These are the Croation twins from our hotel.

The Spanish statue before we enter CP.

Central park is the best place to just people watch. This woman was walking in  feathered Couture and her shoes were amazing. I have no idea how she could actually walk in them. Half her foot hung off the back. 

This is Nick.

Nick is a student from the Bronx and was doing a social experiment for one of his classes. He would sit with a board that advertised Free Listening and he would just wait for people to come talk to him. I was his first. We had a great chat, nice guy. The listening was free, but if I needed him to solve any problems that would cost me. 

I love how people just fall asleep everywhere in CP.

It was so good for my soul to see green grass. It did not matter that the temperature was still a tad cool, the fact there was no snow and it was a colour other then brown was good enough for me.

You could rent a boat and just paddle around the water.So romantic!

We exited CP and started walking around the residential part of uptown. The houses were the ones you see in movies. The streets were really clean and it was quieter there.

 There was no yelling, the air smelled nicer and there were very few people out.

I got a few nice pictures, but if I am being honest, I much prefered down town. I like all the people, the smells, the business of it all. I like random people yelling, the market. I think downtown has soul. Uptown was nice, but not my favorite.

The homes are gorgeous.

The shopping was what I expected in uptown NY. Nice, but not really great.

Veggie pizza, it was good, but lacking something.

The Museum of Natural History was breathtaking. The grounds were perfectly manicured and the greenery was stunning.  

The streets uptown were all like little postcards.

I found the most incredible hand bag uptown for the bargain price of $575. 

While we were walking around we could hear a bit of a commotion on the other side of the street. Because uptown is rather quiet the noise stood out. Something like this would have been lost in the hustle and noise of downtown. So we walked over to see what was going on. Outside of the UGGS store there was an animal rights protest. 

This is the Temple in NYC. 

The apple store. Sadly for Drew he married me who was less then impressed with it. I pretended as best I could, I went in and oohed and aughed....sorry I just don't get it.

Later on we headed back down town. I like it better there. We made another stop off at VS, and on the way back I saw this women who was riding a bike while wearing heals....she is my super hero!

While walking home, we came across the famous Carnegie Deli. 

The food is super sized times 5.

I am getting the meat sweats just looking at the sandwich!

I love NYC


I am grateful we have been here long enough that I feel comfortable and have my favorite places.

I am grateful my children are so well cared for I am allowed to truly enjoy myself with zero worry.

I am grateful for the weather clearing up a little.


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Sam and/or Monika said...

Have you sen the rats running on the street yet? Or big cockroaches in any of the bathrooms? On my way to the Columbia law school I saw a huge rat duck into a sewer grate. And once I was at the law school...sitting down, in a stall....(which is a very vulnerable time for me) I saw a huge cockroach come out of the drain and try to crawl up the wall of my stall. NY is the bomb, but rats and roaches are something that I was NOT impressed with.