Wednesday, March 16

A Welcome Spring Teaser

Today was beautiful. The sun was bright and hot. I opened the windows and allowed the fresh air to come in. It was heaven! 

There is a noticeable decrease in the snow on my front yard. It has melted quite a bit. It is beginning to feel a little like spring....dare I hope?

Nora spent a large chunk of the afternoon laying in the sun on the ground in the living room eating her pear and saying "I love the sun".


I am grateful for honesty, love, trust and friendship. 

I am grateful for how honest and loving children are. I am grateful for their little personalities and how they view this world. 

I am grateful for the fantastic sunny day. It started off kind of scary with Zombie fog, but was brilliant before noon.

I am grateful that my friend is now in the wonderful care of physio guy. She twisted her ankle and is now (sadly) going through similar things I did. I am so thankful I could suggest a person who, I knew, would take very good care of my her.


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Anonymous said...

Joelle I am thankful and grateful for you as well! As for our injuries in my eyes they are similar only in the fact they are both ankle injuries. For example, you my dear friend where doing something cool when your injury occured, rock climbing! I on the other hand was walking, yup that is all! You had some very rainbow like skin from the bruising, made for some pretty awesome photos I must say. My bruising was pretty faded from the get go, no rainbow photos here! My injury is peanuts in comparison to yours!
Anyways my friend I am glad you are almost fully recovered now and I thank you for referring me to physio guy.