Saturday, March 12

A walk back in time

When Jamie, Karie, Amy and I got together for dinner, they all brought old pictures to look at. I don't have any pictures from back then, so it was great to get to see some. I am a little shocked at how bad my style was back then. Maybe a bit more than a little, and maybe suggesting I had style at all is a stretch.

I could not stop laughing.

Here are a few of the highlights.

Left to right: Jamie, Me, Kelly, Renae
I am guessing we are at a tournament of some sort, but I don't remember.
I think Jamie, Renae and I were in grade 12 here?

Karie and another girl I don't remember. At the same tournament.

Corrie, Me, ?, Amy, Renae, Jamie, Coach, half blocked face, Karie
Ashley, Me, Amber, Corrie, Renae, Brooke, Jamie, Amy
High school grad. That was such a nice afternoon.

Grad night. It's funny looking at these pictures; I had a six pack during this time in my life. I remember thinking I looked too masculine and was worried people might laugh at my stomach in this outfit if they saw my pack.
FYI I was wearing a white ribbon in memory of Trevor our classmate and friend who died that January.

Renae, Me and the guys in our grad class. Man you boys are handsome, so funny now I look at Sheldon (holy crap he was hot!)

Grade 9 Volleyball team. I don't think a better picture of Mr.Galloway has ever been taken that more accurately captures his personality and feelings towards girls volleyball!
Coach (BR)  Jen, Amanda, Candice, Me, Corrie
(FR) Renae, Brooke, Amy, Jamie

Girls Basketball possibly grade 12?? 

This picture makes me laugh so hard. Remember a few weeks ago I wrote about how Krista ripped the uniform off another girl, this picture shows just how short I actually am to be a forward with Krista. Now you see why I had to be so aggressive, look what I had to compete with for a spot.
The white thing in my hair was tape over a barrette. 

This picture I feel I need to make a public apology for. The funny thing is, I always would wonder why guys never asked me out.... ha ha ha ha, look at my hair!!! And my shirt! And my pants!
Grade 9 Christmas dance (or maybe 8?)

Jamie had that side pony put in at a SALON!!! ha ha ha, look at my bangs!!!!
Look at our shirts!!
Another Christmas dance captured in time. ugh! Karie was that your dad as Santa?
And just when I did not think it could get any worse, I found this gem.... this shows that God was involved in Drew and I getting together....this picture was taken THE DAY AFTER OUR WEDDING.
hahahaha.....We are a horrible mess, what was I thinking, and what on earth did he see in me!!!???  Look at Drew's pants!!
My hair is ORANGE!
I am ashamed of myself and a little angry no one loved me enough to pull me aside before the wedding and take me to a salon, or tell me never to wear overalls EVER...hahahah

My dear Drew, we started out a little rough, but we have only gotten better. Thank you for seeing past the orange hair. And you are welcome too, cause that outfit is something else.  Not to mention 5 sizes too big. 


I am grateful for how beautiful it is some nights. I went out the other night and it was so crisp out, and the sky was fantastic.

I am grateful for my sweet children.

I am grateful for the invitation to watch my friends children's dance rehearsal, it was really good and I love that they thought to include me.

I am grateful for dinners with friends, with laughing. The kind of laughing that erases everything bad that happened during the day.

I am grateful the big melt has begun around here.



Natasha said...

But overalls were the thing, then! All the cool girls wore them in my high school and I could never afford them. So crazy to think that they were ever high casual fashion! Why is your hair orange?? And why is it so short? Was it in a pony tail? Yes, Drew's pants and clothes are horrible. Our husbands dressed like hobos and we were saints for looking past that and even wanting to have sex with them. (Or we are trollops with low standards.)

J said...

My hair was actually really long and very curly (one of many things I lost after having children) it was just pulled back in that picture.
The Orange was from "sun in" that I put in it a week before I got married....ugh. What a hot mess.

Anonymous said...

Okay, what did I ever do for laughs before I started reading your blog??
That post wedding shot is SO hilarious!
And one thing about you that has not changed at all is your beautiful grin.
Keep writing (she asks for purely selfish reasons). I'm sure your kids will thank you one day, too, and your grandchildren.

Amy said...

I loved seeing all the pictures!! Brings back so many amazing memories of everyone. Luv ya Jo!! (even with your crazy hair)

Monika Crowfoot said...

loved this picture post! i'm gonna have to go through some of my h.s. pics now. ;)