Thursday, March 10

Top 10 Things About Today That I Could Have Done Without

10- A lice scare first thing this morning. (Nora's friend has "visitors", so we were on the lookout)

9- The 10 additional loads of laundry that accompanied the scare.

8- My psychosomatic itchy head that I had for the rest of the day.

7- The language barrier that Drew and I had YET AGAIN in a stressful situation. The translation was mixed up somewhere between me saying, "I have an appointment in the city at 10, I need to leave in 15 minutes, can you please help me strip the beds so I can begin washing the bedding and stuffed animals so our family doesn't get lice"..... which was heard as, "Take your time getting ready, actually go as slow as possible and don't fret at all, I will do it all myself."

6- Being 30 minutes late to get into the city.

5- Dealing with grumpy old ladies at Fabric Land while I was picking up fabric for the boy's sewing class; it's like they find it personally offensive that I have no idea what they are talking about, guess what, NOT EVERYONE SEWS!!!

4- My truck battery dying in the car wash leaving me stranded.

3- Having to push my truck into the stall across from where I was so Drew could jump start my truck.

2- The surprise $130 new truck battery I had to get today. That is at least a pair of shoes for NYC that I just put into my truck. Grrrrr.

1- The 2 cookies, 1 scone and 1 chocolate bar I ate today purely out of stress. Emotional eating I HATE YOU!

Here are a few things I could not have done without, that helped make this day not so terrible. What I am grateful for...

1- The weather. It was 2 degrees out and not -30. That was merciful.

2- My darling husband who flew (quite literally) to my aid when I called him about my truck.

3- The flowers and lunch he bought me to cheer me up. 

4- My unbelievably patient son Seth who was not upset when I told him we would have to wait until tomorrow to do his paper mache solar system that he has been waiting to make for weeks.  

5- Getting to go out to a movie with my girlfriend's after a long day. 



Mel said...

Oh I'm sorry for you and your amazingly crazy day!
My head started itching as soon as I read the first line of this! That is one of my worst fears!!
Glad you got flowers and a movie. Hope today is better~

Erin Mac said...

I laughed so hard about the lice scare & all that went wioth it - we have a couple of those with the kids in daycare/school...sigh Thank goodness no real CASE but still all the work none the less....and the itchy head made me laugh so hard, cus Sean is the worst for that - he can be in Fort Mac and still be itchy LOL!!
The battery sucks - should have got it at Costco (we just bought one) it would have only been one shoe :(
BTW I love love love your TO DO LIST (Bucket List)