Thursday, March 24

Tag you're it....wretch!

The game of vomit tag has been going around my house all day today at an astronomical rate.  It started with the oldest man in the house today waking up feeling like complete garbage and then each of the children throughout the day either developed a fever, vomited or both.  It's been a pretty fun game to watch and thankfully I have not been tagged yet.  If I'm going to be tagged soon, I'd appreciate it if it happens quickly as I leave for NY in 6 days!  I am going to be PISSED OFF if I am sick for NY.  The stomach flu could have come last week when I needed to drop a few extra pounds.

All in all, today was not a total waste; I did get the opportunity to babysit 2 little girls this afternoon.  The oldest one (a smidgen older than Nora) is at a bit of a cheeky age and make me laugh all the time.  After I asked her to do something for me, she replied "I don't have to - you're not my mom."  I told her she was correct; I wasn't her mom but I was the woman cooking dinner for her right then, to which she replied "you're right - I should do it because I'm awfully hungry."  During my stint as a babysitter today I also had the miniature child (AKA my favorite) have the biggest diaper full of dried, crusted on poo that I had the pleasure of cleaning without any baby wipes.  All in all, it has been a glorious day and night.

If by chance you didn't get a chance to read my Sunday post, today is your day!


I am grateful for a half empty bottle of massage oil and super soft skin I have now, after a bit of a trying day.

I am grateful for my dear husband who helped with the vomit tag game.

I am grateful for my accent lesson this evening.  I'm going to nail this British accent sooner or later.  Thanks Brits!

I am grateful for a cold bowl of cereal at 12:40am - honestly there is nothing better to me as a snack than cereal.

Lastly, I am grateful for whoever invented this:
They clearly have a very good sense of humour - there is not way I could take any mall security seriously if they pulled up to me using this.  And by the way?  How is this at all faster than actually running in a busy mall like West Ed?  Way to go Blart!  I wonder if the lights flash red and blue?!


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TheRealSlimKatie said...

You are so silly!! haha You crack me right up!! Great way to start any day!! Sorry about everyone being sick, though, that part wasn't funny!!