Monday, March 28

The soundtrack to my dreams!

The time is almost here, I am starting to get excited and am having a hard time with sleep. I am filled to the brim with excitement and anxiety all jumbled up inside my stomach.
I leave for NYC in a few days and the anticipation is almost more then I can handle. It has helped me drop another 4 pounds last week!

So for this MM I am putting up a few tracks that I am loving right now, and will be accompanying  me on this trip of a life time. These are a few of the songs that will be the background music while I am fulfilling one of my life's biggest dreams. 

I can't wait to tell you all about it!

Over the Rhine-Im On A Roll


Guster-Do you Love Me

Marianas Trench-All To Myself

As well, some old favorites will be making the trip with me too ....

Plain White T's-Rhythm Of Love

Train-Hey, Soul Sister

Paolo Nutini-Pencil Full Of Lead

Colbie Caillat-I Do

U2-Mysterious Ways


I am grateful for the wonderful restaurant we found this weekend. A friend of ours recommended it and it did not disappoint!  (Thanks Keira!!)
It is called Pampa, it is a brizillian steak house. When you go in there is a huge salad bar with every type of vegetable. When you have your plate of veggies and salad you sit back down and then guys walk around with huge skewers with all different types of meat.

They come up to your table and you have a coaster sort of thing that is green and says yes on one side, and red with no on the other. When you want more meat you flip it to green, if not red.

So delicious and fun!  I was even brave and tried this!

I am grateful for my little work horse Cinderella  Nora. I am grateful teh children are still at the ages where they like to help out around the house.
I am grateful for love.

Have a wonderful week everyone



Colleen Pollock-Patience said...

Joelle, I love you. You always make me smile. Have an amazing trip and I can't wait to see the pics when you get home!!!!

Colleen (friend of Dena and Michelle)

Leah M said...

Yeah for New York!! Had the best steak in a cool ambiance at a place called Frankie and Johnnys, not far from Time Square.
Yeah for 4 pounds! You MUST gain it all back by the time you get back, otherwise your time in New York was WASTED!!
Yeah for Pampas! Will have to try it! Looks so yum!
Oh, and is Nora available for hire? i hate vacuuming!!
XO Leah

TheRealSlimKatie said...

Girl, you are awesome!! I love your taste in music!! (A girl after my own heart!!) I hope you have so much fun in NYC... You GO girl!!!
And... you ARE SO BRAVE!!! I don't think I could ever eat something like that!!!! (You didn't say whether you liked it or not! lol)
I wish my boys had that kind of enthusiasm... Nanola will have to be my cleaning buddy, when she's a bit bigger!! ♥