Monday, March 7

Oh Monday How I love thee, let me count the ways

This weekend we all excitedly packed up and headed down to my home town in southern Alberta. The plans were for me to go to dinner with a few of my dearest girlfriends from high school, to go visit my parents, and for all of us to say goodbye to my sister-in-law Kelly.

Kelly leaves for China at the end of the month - the same day we leave for NYC actually - so this was our best time to go see her.  Kelly just graduated as a doctor of Chinese Medicine and is going to go work at a hospital in China until August practicing her skills, sight seeing and learning as much as she can.
We are so very excited for her and very very proud of her.

In the excitement of getting ready to go, here are a few of my most dazzling oops-sies:

1-I forgot to pack underwear. Nope, not one piece.

2-I (along with not packing underwear) did not take one iota of cosmetics/deodorant/soap/cream or hair care products. I did happen to pack a toothbrush. yay me!

3-I wanted to surprise Kelly with delicious Thai  soup that I get from Costco; Drew thought we would stop at the Costco in Red Deer on the way down as it would save time and I could make my 5pm dinner date with my girlfriends.... I rushed into Costco, ran to the soup, grabbed the soup, ran to the cashier, paid, ran out to the truck and opened the back hatch to the truck to put the soup in when I heard Gabe say to me "Mom what's all over your shirt?"

I looked down and the bag of soup EXPLODED on my shirt, sweater, and jeans, down my shirt, and on my bra.
The best part... actually there were a few "best parts" of this part of the trip...

  • This was Thai soup - bright, yellow, thick Thai soup - so not only did it stain all of my clothes, I smelled really bad too. (I love the soup in my mouth, just not on my clothes). For the rest of the drive I would get whiffs of the spices and kind of gag. I was constantly asking Drew "Do I smell?" trying to gauge if I needed to change or if it was not so bad. And he kept saying "YES you smell."
  • I only packed one pair of jeans because I habitually pack way more than I need and I was trying to do better with not packing everything, so I had nothing to change into. Forcing me to go get new jeans when I arrived in town.
  • Have I mentioned I forgot to pack underwear? So I had nothing to change into; my unmentionables had eau-de-Thai-soup on them all night.

It was delightful.

4- Racing into the Jean Warehouse at 4:45 (dinner with the ladies is at 5) like a frantic crazy person, yelling my size and telling them (in a charming, funny and kind way) to grab dark wash, mid rise, regular not short and in size 6 (not my real size but I am not writing the real number down) as I run to the change rooms and ask them to throw them over the top of the room I am in because I'm in a hurry.  Thankfully these dear women were wonderful, funny and very knowledgeable and found me a perfect pair.
I was out by 4:55 and over to my moms to drop off my family.
Arrived at the restaurant a few minutes late, but not too bad!  

And the absolute hoo-ra of all the things I didn't do this weekend was...

5- I completely forgot to write and post anything for my blog; I didn't forget for just 1 day either, but for 3 full days!
I am a lunatic!

I hope this week is a great one for everyone, and with that, the music!

REM Losing my Religion

Ini Kamoze Here Comes the Hotstepper

Neon Trees-Animal

Beyonce-Single Ladies


I am grateful for my walk that was shoveled when we got home, and flowers on the window ledge by my sink! 

I am grateful for the visit with Kelly before she embarks on her biggest adventure to date.... well, second if you take into consideration her relationship with my brother.

I am grateful for the wonderful weekend we all had.



Percy2626 said...

WOW Joelle! I'd just like to say that you are not the only person that has ever forgotten to pack underwear. I did it once, but not just for a weekend trip. I was off for a month of work experience, two provinces away!!! Needless to say, I had a lot more undies after that. Thankfully I was not running around carrying Thai soup at the time! :D Hehehe, just had to say that.

I have been missing your blog posts, now I know why you were MIA. Welcome back. Nice to come home to flowers and a clear walkway.

Natasha said...

I laughed in the library at the jeans size part. This whole thing is funny. How could you forget cosmetics and stuff? I'm surprised at you. And I would have just bought some new undies. You know.

Losing My Religion was going through my head the day we met up for supper. And Trafalger Square? I've been there! Oh, sigh.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Joelle, you made my day! I have had frantic days like this too.
Can't wait to try the soup, now.