Wednesday, March 9

My Bucket List aka Life's To Do List

My trip to NYC is fast approaching, and I am getting really, really excited. I will often catch myself daydreaming about things that will happen there, people I might see, places I have only seen on movies or dreamed about; I can not believe I am actually going.

I have been forbidden to call it a "bucket list" because I am not allowed to talk as if I am dying (which I am not... dying that is) so I will call it My Life's To Do List.

Because NYC is one of the major things on my "To Do" list Drew suggested maybe I should share my list on my blog and as I accomplish them I can cross them out. He also said I need to explain why I want to do them, and tell a little bit about my experience accomplishing them. I can also add to it as I go.

Another friend of mine did this on her blog and I thought it was a great idea. I love having goals, and once you write a goal down (for me), I am one step closer to achieving it.

So here it is.

My Life's To Do list

Go to New York City
-Side goals for this include eat a hotdog from a street vendor, purchase something from a shady character down a back alley (and not be killed/mugged by said shady character)
-Buy a pair of shoes

Go to a live taping of Saturday Night Live
-Justin Timberlake is the host and Amy Poehler will be guest starring
-Amy will meet me, and we will chat and laugh together.

Go to an NBA game

Go to London England
-Eat at Jamie Olivers  restaurant (his fish pie)
-Meet Mr. Oliver because he happens to be there, he takes me on a tour of his kitchen and I get a picture with him
-Get a picture taken with a Queen's guard

Go to Italy
-Dance with a complete stranger (also make out with said stranger.. kidding... kinda)

Go to Hawaii with a group of girlfriends

Go to Australia with my family
-Meet the crocodile hunter (obviously I can't meet Steve Irwin anymore)
-Go to the Irwin family zoo in Queensland

Go to a college Football game
A few years ago I went to Utah to visit my friend Renae and she took me to a University of Utah vs Utah State football game. It was Electric! I loved everything about it! I think the marching bands were almost as entertaining as the actual game.

Go see a marching band from a southern school in the USA

Get a tummy tuck

Own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes

Go to Germany
-Do some family history work while I'm there

Write and perform a Stand up Comedy act
-Only mildly get heckled.

Ride a bull
When I was younger I went to the Teepee creek rodeo and rode a bull.  Scored 72 points.  It was awesome.

Be a brides maid/maid of honour for a friends wedding

Serve jury duty

Be an extra in a movie

Learn how to shoot a gun really well

Run a marathon, or part of one

Learn how to sharpen kitchen knives with one of those stick things

Become vegetarian (minus bacon)

Watch an Olympic event in person while wearing a big huge maple leaf

Get a tattoo (never mind)

Be a radio DJ, even if just for a day

Watch all of the 
-Lord of the Rings movies
-Rocky movies
-Star Wars movies
-The Office (every episode)
on different weekends

Learn to surf (or just try)

Things I want to eat:
-Collard greens
-Pizza in Naples
-Benyas in New Orleans
-Pub food in a pub in London
-Seafood linguine with real octopus
-Eat real mozzarella cheese

Meet Oprah

Go to a real fashion show

See U2 in concert

Try rock climbing again.... maybe

Get hair extensions once

Serve a Humanitarian aid or Health care mission

Have silver hair

Join the military

Be a Doula and help deliver babies
This past summer I helped deliver my 35th baby

Get something from Tiffany's 

Have one of my funny stories published

Make a quilt



I am grateful for all of the women I got to visit with.  It was great to laugh and catch up with friends.

I am grateful for the beautiful sun and warmer weather.  It was only -7, a significant improvement over -50.

I am grateful that I have finally mastered baking scones.  Mr. Oliver would be pleased.


Anonymous said...

Hey Joelle. I feel really proud that I was able to accomplish something on your list with you. We'll have to see a U2 concert together. That is on my list too. Have a great time in New York.

Melissa Haavind said...

I am so excited for your trip to NYC!! I know you will love it down there! It was also on my “bucket list” and it was a dream come true when I booked my trip! The song “Empire State of Mind” – Jay-Z & Alicia Keys says it all! The excitement, lights, adventure and the landmarks that you see on TV/Movie! I hope to go back one day!

misty said...

hey Jo I can teach you how to sharpen knives with "that stick thing" lol, come on over!