Monday, March 14

Music to kick off my climbing accident anniversary week

This week is a very special week!!! A year ago this week I fell off the rock wall at my climbing class and wrecked my ankle and knee!
Happy Anniversary Me!!!

To celebrate this momentous week I am going to re-live that time by wearing my boot and walking around with my cane, allowing people to make me food and bringing it over, and I am obviously going to go to physio.  Throughout this delightful anniversary week I am going to be remembering and discussing some of the things I learned from this experience and some of my favorite parts.

A few things that come to mind right now are:

Don't fall 15 feet off a rock wall; that was a big lesson, but I can definitely say I learned it!
Also, call for an ambulance immediately, even while you are still attached and hanging from the wall, don't be a fool and wait until you stumble to the couch and allow your fellow classmates to take pictures of you, that is just a waste of time.
Also while on the subject of the medics, make sure you comb your hair all the time and make sure your breath is minty fresh, because you never know when 3 fit and rather handsome firefighters and 3 not so fit medics will be coming to pick you up and you need to always look your best.  That is a good life lesson for any situation.

Another lesson (they are just flowing like water now) make sure that your husband was not the preceptor  for any of the medics that are picking you up, or currently the provincial boss for all EMS, because when you tell them your name and they know your husband it could be slightly embarrassing when you have breathed in too much laughing gas for the pain, and are saying inappropriate/rude things to the nurses that you think are really funny (at the time) but later are informed were not.

Better yet, while on the phone with the 911 operator have them prep the medics so that when they come in to the rock gym they have the narcotics already drawn up to give to you, so you won't need to use laughing gas and risk making a jackass of yourself in front of said medics that might know your husband.

I'm just saying....

So be prepared for helpful tidbits like those all week.

And with that, lets get to the music!

Tom Petty-Free Fallin

Alicia Keys-Fallin

OK... enough of the bad music jokes.

Martin Solveig And Dragonette- Hello

Need You Tonight-INXS

Scissor Sisters-I Don't Feel Like Dancin


I am grateful for my darling boy Gabriel who came up to my room and gave me a hug before church this morning and told me he thought I was beautiful.  He is such a sweet little boy.  I am a lucky mom.

I am grateful that the recorded SNL from this weekend that I just watched announced who the host will be for the week we are in NYC!  ELTON JOHN!!! Not too shabby, not too shabby at all.

I am grateful for my husband who bought me a new vacuum this weekend.  I'm not going to explain that the reason we needed a new vacuum was because ran out of vacuum bags and I thought using a balloon instead of a vacuum bag would work just as well.  I'm not gonna say that I MacGyver'd the balloon around the opening and thought it would be fine.  To my surprise - it sucked the balloon into the motor causing an instant, pungent, burning odour with kind of a small amount of smoke.  Did I mention I'm grateful my husband has a sense of humour about my rare, infrequent, sporadic yet shocking idiocy?

I am grateful for highly entertaining children who prepare their clothes for the next school day like this:

Have a good one!


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Mineforever~! said...

I love the socks! They are even inside the jeans. haha!