Saturday, March 19

A great day to be alive

What a glorious day it was today! Every second of this day made me happy.  When I drove Seth to school I heard birds chirping and watched them fly and play in the sky.  Spring is coming soon!  This weather might not stay but it is definitely trying to.  I spent the entire day with the windows wide open, curtains drawn with the sun's heat pounding in, music blaring and I sang and danced and cleaned the day away.

My heart is full of happiness.


I am grateful for the rare treat that pizza is.  And how it is never disappointing.

I am grateful no-one was hurt in the minor fender bender this morning (not my fender bender).

I am grateful for how good a house smells on a day like today, after it's been cleaned and the fresh air has run through it.


PS -> I have a blog post for tomorrow (Sunday) that I'll need some advice on... please make time if you can to come back tomorrow.

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