Thursday, March 3


Today was a wonderful day. 
Not because of the weather, it was said on the radio today that this cold snap is going to last another 3 weeks..and yet I am still full of gratitude. 

I am grateful for the elderly woman who bought Nora the two bracelets she saw her looking at. That was really kind and Nora loves them. 

I am grateful for flowers. Even though they are not growing out of the ground here yet, I can still have some in my home and it makes it feel better. 

I am grateful the Brits are home and safe. 

I am grateful for the two darling ladies who came and watched my children tonight so I could get out for a bit.

I am grateful for others who offer humor, and laughs. 

I am grateful for good teachers.

I am grateful for the lady at the grocery store who answered all my questions today.

I am grateful I have a really warm winter jacket.

I am grateful for a warm home and good food. 

I am grateful for peace, love, dreams, and friendship.


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