Thursday, February 10


I feel like I need to start this blog post by standing on top of my roof wearing a brightly painted cardboard sign (front & back) banging my pots together and yelling "THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO END! PREPARE NOW!"  Here's why...

After I got my hair cut tonight I stopped off at Walmart to pick up some lotion for my dry hands and legs.
Yes it does seem like just the other day I was getting my hair cut; that's because it was.

I have 2 inch long hair and it does not take long for it to become unruly and in need of a trim. Not to mention the fact that I have grey hair (thanks for those genes Julie and Mary), which needs to be coloured regularly so I can keep up the facade of a youthful put-together not rapidly aging 32 year old woman with four children. Awesome.

While I was at Walmart I needed to get lotion and an Archie comic for Ethan; as I turned down the book isle  to my horror I saw the sign that the world is coming to an end.
I was frozen... jaw open; I had no idea what to think. I started to feel lightheaded and dizzy, confused and in disbelief...
This is what I saw - the clear and indisputable sign the world is rapidly coming to its end! I don't know... maybe we have weeks left? Maybe a month or two?

I think the idea of starving children, homeless people with no running water or food and the lack of universal health care was momentarily shoved aside by the horrific devastation I felt when I realized that SNOOKI wrote a book...with words... and more than 4 pages...and it wasn't something to colour.

I feel sick to my stomach.

What could possibly be in here? The optimal position to lie in a tanning bed? I don't know what's more confusing... the fact she could write a book or the fact that somebody would spend money on it.

I think I'm going to go stockpile some granola bars, powdered milk, water and batteries and go sit in my basement and wait for the third rock from the sun to blow up.

Maybe I will actually welcome the worlds end if this is what people are reading.



For the record, no I did not read even a little... GASP... but I think I know what physio guy is getting at my next visit!!!


I am super-duper grateful for paraffin wax!!! My hands feel human again.

I am grateful the students at the bake sale loved my chocolate suckers. It made me feel good, but even more..

I am grateful my boys were proud their mom made the chocolate suckers that were such a hit.

I am grateful for Matt and Melissa who gave excellent advice for our trip to NYC and Matt saved us $400. High five to you guys!! Thank you!!!

I am grateful that I cannot keep enough books in this house because our boys are such avid readers.  I can honestly say I'd never read a book from cover to cover until I was in grade 4 or 5 (thank you Mrs. Fuel) - the first book I ever read was "Cowboys don't cry" - I love that our children devour books.

Side note - When I asked my husband to sit down and proofread this post, he saw the picture and actually asked if I bought this book tonight.  I don't even know what to say about that.

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