Tuesday, February 1

Wii Championship

This weekend we had a surprise visitor; Uncle Dawson came up!!

Like always we have a wonderful time when my brother comes to visit, and this weekend was no exception. 
The only disappointment was the weather. So we decided to have a Wii weekend and it was awesome. 

The children, Dawson and Drew drove to Walmart and bought a new game, and a few new controllers and of course a couple of packages of batteries. I stayed home, made lunch and organized the tournament. 

When everyone returned from the Walmart run we sat the children down to explain the rules; we also included Kelly in the round robin matches (because we never want her to feel like she is not included even when she is not here) and the tournament began.  

The highlight of the day for me was when Gabe became a bit upset because he lost his first match. He said he didn't want to lose, and uncle Dawson tried to give him a pep talk about being a good sport and said "Losing is just like winning, except you don't win!"  The crazy thing was it actually worked.

It was a good time, except that I really suck at trying to shoot computer animated animals that are attacking me.

Nora succumbed to injury fairly early in the tournament.  So she took up mining for the rest of the day.

That is Nora handling the kickback from the shotgun (fairly well I'd say).

Nora and Dawson flexing to show superiority in computer hunting.

Drew ended up being the Champion of the day.


I am grateful the children had a Professional Day (day off from school today). It was fun to spend time with them and play. Sadly it was -36 degrees but it was still fun. 

I am deeply and humbly grateful for healthy children. A woman I worked with last year at church just lost her son yesterday after a long and courageous battle with cancer. 

I am grateful for more perspective. Today I don't mind the commotion of being a mom so much.


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