Tuesday, February 15

A very interesting love day

Valentines day was, well, interesting to say the least.

In the morning her majesty Nora (the tyrant) became impatient while I was trying to get ready. She began gnawing on the little treats I had made her three friends (that we were about to go deliver). They were the last three in the house too; the boys took all the rest to school. So sadly we had nothing to take to her little friends.

Although... nothing says I love you quite like a half eaten candy. I know it's my favorite. 
She did not even take the plastic off.

Then out of nowhere there is a knock at my door and a woman I hardly know from church dropped me off these... at first I was not sure if I just have a really dirty mind, but I do think they are boobs right? The red things are hearts put under the icing so it looks like lace... or am I just a sick pervert? Weird! I got boob cookies from some lady. Happy friggin Valentines day. 

Later in the afternoon while trying to collect all the pieces needed for Drew's Valentines day gift I think I saw David Pelletier (the Canadian Olympic gold medal figure skater). If it wasn't him, it sure looked a lot like him. He was coaching a young figure skating couple at the West Edmonton mall rink. After this stay at home mom gig is over, I clearly will not become a member of the paparazzi... my camera phone sucks!

Regardless if it was him or not (which it was), it put me in a fantastic mood remembering last February at the Olympics. The kids and I PVR'd the anniversary show TSN did last night about the 2010 winter games and watching all the old footage from the games re-sent shivers up and down my arms and spine, made me cry and made me feel all warm inside again. 

Ooh and Happy Flag day CANADA!


I am grateful for the power the Olympics has to unify an entire country. Sport is such a beautiful thing. 
When the 1988 winter Olympics were in Calgary I got to be a part of the opening Ceremonies. I sang in the choir that was in the shape of the rings; I was a member of the yellow ring. It was a wonderful thing to have been a part of. I am grateful for those special memories.

I am grateful the weather was so lovely today.

I am grateful for the sweet woman at Seth's school today who made Nora two touque's. 

I am grateful for my healthy family, wonderful country and beautiful life!


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Leah M said...

OH! I'm just giddy that you got to see David Pelletier! They do live here, so I'm sure that was him too! Awesome!
This weekend was totally an 'Olympic Memories' Weekend. I soooo loved it too, thanks for the link!!
Happy Valentines Day.
XO Leah