Saturday, February 12

Today was a bust

It is Teachers convention for the kids which means they have 2 days off school. I had so many fun things planned and it was going to be great, until I woke up sick. It has been a long day and I feel like road kill.

We first tried to go snowboarding, but because the weather has been so nice lately the hill was sheer ice. Ethan did 3 runs and I think it scared him so bad he threw in the towel before he broke an arm or something. The other kids did not even want to try. Ethan (after his first run) literally had to crawl back up the hill because it was so slippery. No fun at all.

So today the dollar store was my saving grace. We went and got a few play toys and spent the rest of the afternoon shooting each other, watching T.V. and eating pretzels until Drew got home to be the more responsible parent. Don't judge me. Nora dressed up as a pirate and the boys made her walk the plank over and over and over, while I sat on the couch coughing and watching PVR'd Oprah.

We did do one thing today that was kind of special and neat. Ethan has a "Special friend" at school and he asked if he could get her something for Valentines day. At first I was reluctant, but I figured this is going to happen eventually, so I decided I might as well accept it and be happy he is allowing me to be a part of it rather than it being behind my back. He gave me permission to take a picture of the bracelet he picked out himself from the mall, but I am not allowed to say anything else.
Sigh.... my boys are getting older and I can do nothing to stop it.

Then we made Seth's 100 day shirt for school (all his idea) it was better then his first idea, "we could put 100 stamps all over my arms"...uh NO!

Drew is home now, with pizza for the kids and soup for me. So I can crawl onto the couch and die.



I am grateful to Heather who picked me up my very own paraffin wax to melt in my extra crock pot and use whenever I want to!!!!!

I am grateful for lotion covered Kleenex. It feels so much better then TP on my nose.

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