Wednesday, February 9

Screaming for suckers

For the last week or so I have been making chocolate suckers for the boys valentines (for their classes) and to donate to the school bake sale to raise money for some really important cause... I have no idea what it's for, but it's super important and worth my time.  Truthfully I just needed a project of some sort to get my mind off of how long this winter has been.  So I thought to myself, find the most difficult time consuming thing to do - make chocolate suckers - and do that.  But anyway....
Every night I make a batch or two, and needless to say the children have been in heaven. They sneak them when I am not looking and get very upset when I say no.
The other night when I called my sister in law Kelly to chat, Nora asked for a sucker.
"No honey, its almost dinner."
"I want one though."
"Sorry, no."
Nora walks away

I resume chatting with Kelly
Nora comes back.
"I want a sucker!" A little more demanding and a little louder.
Sorry Kelly, hold on a second...
"Nora no, It is almost dinner."
She walks away again.

I frequently have these little battles of will against my three year old. Some times they result in her laying on the ground kicking her feet.  Sadly for her I have had more practice at being stubborn, but she does hold her own well.

I am right in the middle of describing something to Kelly when Nora returns and does this.

And yes, she did it long enough for me to grab my phone and take a picture of it.
Kelly is laughing on the other end...
Sorry Kelly, I will need to let you go and deal with this.

Honestly, she is going to be one powerful force to be reckoned with when she gets older. Watch out world! Who am I kidding, watch out me!  I think we are going to start saving her dowry right now to make sure it's a  good one.



I am grateful Drew worked from home today so I could go do the mom helper thing again for Seth's field trip to the Space Science Center.

I am grateful that the curator at the Telus World of Science didn't notice that I fell asleep during the video presentation on the field trip.  In my defense it was a very comfy, reclining chair in a warm room and they turned off the lights so we could look at stars.

I am grateful that my husband and I still talk.


Leah M said...

Your suckers look amazing! Truthfully I would probably scream for one too, even before supper!!

Anonymous said...

wow, I bet you made lots of money for that really important cause. Are they really hard and time consuming, or do they just look it?

J said...

Nope not hard at all, time consuming-yes, but not hard. And I have no idea how much was made, I just gave them to the teacher to sell. It is horrible of me that I have no idea what it was for.
But it was important;)