Friday, February 4

Redemption of failed Canadian children

I feel it is shameful that we (Drew and I, because dysfunctional parenting is a team effort) have 3 boys that have been born in Canada and have no idea how to ice skate. We just call it skating here, but for my international readers I wanted it to be more clear.
Skating is something of a national pastime, it is (a few) of the 14 things we won a gold medal for a year ago in the Olympics.
Remember when we won the most gold medals ever in any Olympic games ever?.... I am just saying. 

Ice skating and hockey are like apple pie in America, yet we have neglected this vital aspect of parenting Canadian boys/children. Funny side note about our national sport (hockey), It is FREAKING expensive! And if you have the misfortune/blessing of having a child that wants to be the goalie... ooh my!!

So today I went and bought them each a pair of skates from a great place called Totem Outfitters (used sporting equipment) and we all went out tonight to redeem ourselves a little as parents. Or to try to anyway.



I am grateful for early bedtime.

I am grateful it is the weekend.

I am grateful for good friends and their council. 

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Natasha said...

There's a Council of Good Friends? COOL!