Friday, February 18

Pretending to be sick AKA more time with mom

In the last two weeks I have recieved two phone calls from the boys school with Gabe on the other end saying in his very soft gentle voice, "Mom I am sick."

The first time I went to the school, no questions asked, picked him up and brought him home and was amazed at his instant and miraculous recovery (within seconds of walking in the door).
The second time I was a little more suspicious. When I got to the school to pick him up I asked his teacher quietly, "did something happen?" She assured me nothing had happened that she was aware of and he is doing great in school.
So when I got him in the truck and he again seemed to get better at an unheard of rate, I knew something was up.

I asked him what is wrong.
He said nothing was wrong.
I asked if he should go back to school?
He said no, his stomach hurt.

I was getting a bit annoyed now. He can't be missing school all the time pretending to be sick.
We were now driving into the city to pick up Seth and the entire drive I was trying to figure out what the problem with him might be.
When we got to Seth's school I was questioning Gabe more trying to get to the bottom of this.
I said, "Are you really sick?"
He said no.
I asked why he wanted to come home, he just stared at me and shrugged his shoulders.

I was frustrated.

After the kids went to bed Drew and I talked about what to do for a little while. I told him maybe I should keep Gabe home tomorrow. Drew is never for the children missing school; he has only taken a handful of sick days our whole married life, and has a super human work ethic. I on the other hand believe there is a place for balance.

After our talk Drew packs up to head out of town for the week. He told me he is okay with whatever I decided to do, even though I was not yet 100% sure what to do.
It seems like a simple thing but there has to be more to this than him just wanting to not be at school. I know he loves school. Gabe is such a kind boy; he is pleasing to a fault, and is never selfish.

It was still kind of early and I decided to go to bed. When I got into bed I layed there for almost 2 hours tossing and turning thinking about Gabe. I have no idea why. So after not winning the sleep battle I sat up in bed and decided to do something I had not done in a while. I decided to pray for Gabe.
I figure, if Heavenly Father made him first, he probably knows him the best.
So I asked why Gabe is pretending to be sick, and could he explain to me how Gabe is feeling.
A simple prayer... but I have been/am not really great at it.

I layed back down for 30 more minutes (it's 1:20 am now) and then I for some reason started remembering a time when I was in elementary school. I hadn't been thinking about it previously, so it was interesting that it came to mind.
I was maybe in grade 3 or 4? I don't really remember that part but I was around Gabe's age.

I was outside at recess playing with friends. Something happened and I remember falling and then having one of my other friends fall on my head.
I do remember it really hurt. The teacher supervisor came over and then I remember somehow being in one of the classrooms inside the school.
I do know my head really hurt, but if I am being honest I know it did not warrant the ambulance ride on the spinal board and neck brace to our little town hospital that I wound up with.
While I was laying in bed, I remembered how I felt when my aunt came to the hospital to pick me up. She would always give oodles of affection and love and I got to spend the rest of the day with her because my mom worked.  I (because of time) do not remember everything that transpired but I do remember I really liked the fuss that was being made over me. It was nice to have attention. I remember from that time of my life that my babysitter (before and after school care) hated me and I really hated being there; I remember my mom worked a lot, my dad was gone and I probably was seeking attention anyway I could get it. Funny how much of the actual accident I do not remember, but everything after (the time with my aunt) I remember clearly. I remember she was making a cake - I think it was my mom's birthday. I loved spending time with my aunt. Sigh...

By 4 am I had hardly slept but I think I understood what might be going on with Gabe a little better and I finally fell asleep. When the alarm when off at 6:30am I jumped out of bed; Gabe and I were going to have a special day together. When I finished getting ready and came downstairs to make lunches I told him he was going to miss school today and that I had a TON of baking to do that I needed his help with (Gabe LOVES to bake)... his face just lit up.

We spent the day talking, laughing, and cooking. We talked about how important it is to not miss school (on Drew's request) - I think it was a good day. After spending all day together it made me feel close to Gabe. We worked together and it was good for us both to laugh and to spend unrushed time together doing something we both enjoy.
It showed me that maybe when they are little and don't have the words to say "mom can we just hang out" they still might be saying it, just in a different way. It also showed me there is still value in my role, because sometimes I forget.

Here are the spoils of the day!

Gabe did the lattice all by himself! He made an apple and a pumpkin pie, and they were fantastic.



I am grateful for this gift of motherhood. And I am grateful the universe does not leave me without help when it comes to these little creatures.

I am grateful for English Sam who watched the kids so I could go to physio tonight because Drew is out of town.

I am grateful the physio student had a good sense of humor tonight after our prank on him last week.

I am grateful for PG who put me in a room when he played darts with IMS needles on my back. That was very nice to be able to scream in private. Thank you.

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