Wednesday, February 16

My kids think I talk too much

Tonight during dinner I asked Ethan who he wanted to go with him to his cubs celebration night.

He quickly answers "you mom."
I was touched actually. I had asked Drew earlier if he would go because I was not feeling all that well, but if Ethan wants me to, and did not even hesitate about it, maybe I should go.

I said, well thank you Ethan, why did you chose me.

He says, just as quickly as before "You are easily distracted and will talk lots so I will be able to play with my friends after. Dad never talks to anyone and will just come home."

That boy makes me smile.


I am grateful for good friends.

I am grateful TSN is now playing re-runs of all the Olympic events all week long!

I am grateful Dawson is coming up for work this week and gets to come visit!


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