Thursday, February 3

My favorite TV show as a child

Ethan asked me the other day what my favorite TV show was when I was a kid.
I thought about the answer for a few minutes and answered The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. He liked this answer, laughed and went on his beautifully innocent way.

I sat on the couch for a while longer thinking about the real answer. My favorite TV show when I was younger was actually the show Simon and Simon.

Strange I know, I can even still hum the theme song. It was a show about two brothers who were private investigators. But I did not like the show because of those reasons, I used to watch the show because the Simon brother with the dark hair and mustache (Gerald McRaney) looked like my dad who had just moved out.

My mom was very busy during this time in my life; she was single, working, going back to school and had a brand new baby, which is probably why I was able to watch a "grown up show" at such a young age.
I seldom missed an episode. I remember clearly sitting about 5 inches from the TV every time. I would watch the show and pretend it was actually about my dad. I would imagine that he was not around us anymore because he was off with his brother doing important work solving mysteries.

Being a mom myself now, I can't even imagine what that time must have been like for my mom. I don't remember much; little snip-its here and there, but I do remember my little escape into pretend-land where my dad was a hero and helping others. I am sure this served as a little pain relief for a little girl that was very confused during that time, as it was less heart wrenching than what I actually thought; that I had been bad and did something wrong.
What I find funny about this TV show was that it stopped running the year my mom married Steve.
Perhaps CBS knew I did not need it any longer.



I am grateful for the Ratitouille that Sam made me!  Amazingly delicious!

I am grateful for family time and playing with the kids.

I am grateful for Jillian Michaels and her 30 day shred video.  Starting level 2 tonight.

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