Monday, February 21

Music soothes my soul

It is, yet again, Monday. This Monday is different though; it is Family day here in Canada which means Drew has the day off and the children do not have school. It is the one and only day of the year you have to, by law, spend the day with your family. Heavy fines and jail time and possible flogging await those who disobey. 

As exciting as a flogging sounds, I am headed out to play basket ball with the family.
So please enjoy this MM.



Sick Puppies-Maybe

Hedley- Hands Up

Marians Trench-Good To You

Florence + The Machine- Dog Days are Over

lady Antebellum-Need You Now

Sugarland-Stuck Like Glue

Kings Of Leon-Sex On Fire


I am grateful Drew's cell phone is working and is accepting and sending international texts. I am going to lose my mind while the Brits are in England. 

I am grateful  for small distractions. 

I am grateful for the little yellow dot that shows up in my Google analytics in England. 

I am grateful for the parenting help I got last night; Nora actually went to bed after I was reminded how the super nanny puts kids to bed.

I am grateful for the SNL backstage 2 hour show last night, it's getting more and more exciting the closer my trip is getting!! 

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