Saturday, February 5

Lunch in the sun

Yesterday Sam took Nora so I could help with Seth's field trip (skating). I am not great at being the "helper mom"; I don't often sign up for the job.  The main reason that I never did it for the older boys was because I always had a baby to care for. Also, I just didn't really like it that much - it intimidated me. I tried a few times with Ethan's kindergarten class, but I just never felt comfortable.

Maybe I don't ever feel comfortable because I am not the "type" to be a kindergarten teacher. And yes there is a "type" - Seth's kindergarten teacher is a mix of Mary Poppins, cream cheese icing, enchanting music and the perfect sun set.

She is so happy and kind; she sings almost all of her instructions to the children and not in an annoying way that reminds you of nails on a chalk board, actually the complete opposite. Her songs and voice are delightful and enchanting. It is an amazing sight to see when the songs begin the children frantically dash to do what is required. Her songs are so magical that when I am late getting Seth to school in the morning and he misses the Hello song, he instantly bursts into tears.

I would normally find something like this nauseating, but she is such a darling woman I can't help but love it and love her too. I will even sit outside the room to hear the hello song and hum it for a bit after I leave. 
So that's why I don't go, because I would hate for my sarcasm to somehow taint her flowery ways.

Yesterday I decided I was going to help in Seth's class (well actually he asked). I was nervous, but did it anyway. I had intended to volunteer all morning until we left on the field trip but when I arrived at Seth's classroom I brought him in and said hi and the teacher told me that I was not needed until 12:30.

I had no idea what to do with myself.
I ended up at the mall in a desperate attempt to find something to do but thankfully  right when I walked in the doors, my friend Amanda texted me that she was reading a very funny book of short stories and was laughing so hard people were coming up to her asking what she was reading.
That was exactly what I wanted to do with my time; laugh.
She texted me the book cover and I ran to Coles to pick it up. I also grabbed a soup from Tim Hortons and headed back to my truck.
I drove back to Seth's school, pulled into the parking lot, opened my sunroof (it was 8 degrees outside) and I ate my lunch and read funny stories in the heat of the sun.
It was heavenly! I am going to do this class mom gig WAY more often.

When it reached 12:15 I went into Seth's class and helped everyone get ready to go skating. Seth hated the skating part and ended up a bit upset. I think he just hated not being good at something right away. Sadly it is a trait I completely understand and can relate to. After about 15 minutes we went sledding instead. 

When  everything was done we walked back to his school and Seth held my hand the whole way. He told me stories and told me about his friends, it was so charming. I would do it all over again just so I could have that time with him. 
It was a fun afternoon.


I am really grateful for the town I live in. So far this winter my street has been plowed 3 times. When I was walking with Seth's class this is what the streets looked like. There were even cars and trucks parked on top of the piles of snow so they could be parked in front of homes. Unreal!

My street.

The street in Edmonton where we walked to go skating.

I am grateful for the book Amanda recommended.  Very funny, and a very easy read.

I am grateful for how beautiful the weather has been the last few days. I am so grateful for these little "breathers" during Canadian winters. 


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