Friday, February 25

I am the Holy Ghost and other one liners from our children

On Sunday Drew had made us a turkey dinner.
Yup, that is the honest truth.
I had taken the children to church and he stayed home to catch up on a ton of homework he had to do because work took him out of town during the week, so while we were gone he did the turkey, potatoes, veggies... ya, he rocks.

When we got home we set the table and started eating. Nora wouldn't sit and kept getting off her seat and climbing under the table. "Nora, please come sit up and eat with us."
Then I would hear this soft sweet "no".
"Nora, please come sit up here." Then a little louder "no" would shoot out from under the table.

"Nora, come sit up here with us for dinner." I push my seat back and lift up the table cloth a little to look under the table, and with a voice that sounded possessed, demonic and angry from the pits of hell itself she says,


It startled me and I just left her down there.

Later on in the weekend...
Drew and I have really been struggling with whether we should put Seth in the English program next year or if he should follow the older two in the french Immersion program. (Just to clarify because he has had his speech problems we aren't sure what direction to go with him.)
So this morning while we were eating breakfast I asked Seth "What would you like to do, French or English?"
He looks at us, thinks, then puts his finger in his mouth and says, "I want to go to cavity school."
Thanks for your help buddy.

Funny Kids.


I am grateful for Christy who came over to visit me this past weekend. Christy is one of the handful of young women I was a leader over when Drew and I lived in Northern Alberta so many years ago. She has finished University now, and has become such a beautiful and well spoken woman. The entire time we were talking I just stared at her, listening to her stories. It is so cliche to say, but I felt old(er).
It was so nice to catch up with her.

I am grateful for the sun today. It was almost -40 out, but with the sun it was not as bad. I feel happier when it's bright out.

I am so very grateful for not feeling sore today. Normally after physio I am stiff the next day, but not today!

I am grateful for technology.


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