Wednesday, February 23

I am grateful

Today was so long. I am exhausted, but I am grateful...


I am grateful for Drew who took Seth to school so I could go to my specialists appointment for my back early this morning.

I am grateful for the kind doctor that came into my room bearing chocolate gifts and saying,"I know I am going to hurt you during this, so I brought treats for you so you don't hate me." It worked.

I am grateful for how wonderful the specialist was. He explained all of my options to me and really encouraged me to discuss what option would be good for me not only with Drew but with Physio guy too. He really cared about the work I have put into getting better before seeing him, and said so twice.

I am grateful for the incredibly thorough assessment the specialists did on my back and hips. I was so impressed that I am willing to overlook the fact they gave me a paper towel to cover up with. And then told me to do acrobatics while wearing the towel.

I am grateful for a wonderful family doctor, who listens and cares.

I am grateful that I got to have a little bit of the afternoon to myself. 

I am grateful for whoever invented Skype. 
I am grateful for Skype.

I am grateful for how happy I feel.

I am grateful for love. 

I am grateful for Physio guy, it was almost like he could sense how exhausted I was after my 2 different doctors appointments (and my 2 hour appointment today for my back where I was twisted, poked, pushed, and bent)... I was already really sore tonight when I went to see him for my weekly appointment so when I got there PG was very kind. I got heat, massage, stim, banter and laughs, stretching and ultrasound. No needles just a smile. He is a very kind man, and a very dear friend. Have a wonderful time on your trip, I hope you fall asleep in a lawn chair and get a sunburn.

I am grateful for a good laugh, nachos and a new friend.

I am grateful.


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