Tuesday, February 22

Basketball Jones - the decrepit version

For Family day we went and played basketball with some friends, and let me tell you my mouth was writing checks my body was having a very hard time cashing!

Melanie brought her 12 year old son and his friend (along with the rest of our 9 children, combined) and we all played a few rounds of bump. I was feeling pretty good, nothing fantastic, but I was holding my own. 
Then Mel and I collectively had the ever so brilliant idea to agree to a challenge made by the youngins to a scrimmage to 10. 

Ooh my heavens! What were we thinking?
We played half court and the first two points were shared and I quickly regretted agreeing to go to 10. When we were 2 even, I had to call a time out for lung fire. 
We held our own for the next 3 and then I could no longer move. I had to lay down to help my arms to stop shaking. 
After a 20 minute break we resumed, and I swear the only thing that kept me going was pride.
The game ended at 10-9 for us, and none too soon. My chest was heaving, arms and legs shaking and I was dizzy. 
I will fully admit that had this been legit at all, I would most likely have been fouled out by point 5, but that is how I have always played, and these boys have youth, health and speed. I just have elbows and occasional pushing. I am just thankful the day did not end with Depends, or an ambulance.

This is Melanie and I ready to die after our game.

This is Abby who kept score, the boys lost so they have the sad face, and the square in the middle is the pause button. (We stopped the game so much she felt she needed one)

The rest of the afternoon we played some version of kick baseball (I broke one of the lights in the building) and just overall had a wonderful time. It was fun.

Kick ball (like baseball, sort of)

The piece of light I broke from my WAY TOO powerful kick to the lights!

As a side note, "back in the day" I can honestly say I think there were maybe 5 games my whole life I was not fouled out of. I am a 5'6" forward and I was mean. I had to be mean because I was so bloody short.  I like to call it aggressive... maybe not mean.  

I do believe there is a video out there somewhere in the world of me punching a girl during a game. Honestly, it is a wonder to me that coach Rita even let me play.  I remember pulling other girls ponytails to get the ball, pinching, stepping on their feet and tripping them (I can't even imagine what my mother in law is thinking reading this). We were a good team (tough), and I have many scars to show for my ball days.

When I was in high school we had a girl on our team named Krista. She was 6'5", maybe 6'6" (I don't remember exactly now - all I remember is that she towered over me); anyhow, she was honestly the sweetest girl in the world. But that was the problem, she needed to become a little more rough to be more of a force under the net with us.  I remember being at a game once and the other team had a rather tall girl too. They had their tall gal playing against Krista. There were elbows, and the other girl was rough and was a little dirty too. We were clearing out of our end and out of nowhere the tall girl was yelling, she no longer had a jersey on and was sitting on the ground. 
Krista had apparently had enough of this girl playing dirty and being mean, so she grabbed her by the back of her jersey and swung her around so hard it ripped off her top. 

Even writing this I can't help but laugh. I remember our whole team laughing so hard and being so proud of Krista! Such a great little bank of memories from back then.


I am so grateful for being able to play with my family and friends. I had a great time! 

I am grateful for a loving man (Drew) who kindly told me my clothes are getting too big and sent me to get new jeans tonight. 
I am grateful for clothes that fit!

I am grateful my children all made a rather large stink about how good the turkey soup I made was. It felt really nice to be appreciated for my hard work. I want them to love real food, and they do.

I am grateful I did not have a heart attack and die today.. or pee my pants.



Mel said...

My lungs haven't burned like that in a long time!! I'm so glad we won though :)

Tracy said...

What a tough cookie you are. I had no idea about the aggresive streak in you but after reading this, I can certainly believe it to be true.I was afraid of girls like you in junior and senior high school. Probably one of the reasons I hung around in the band room. And I am glad you did not require depends either! Thanks for the great blogs. After another stressful weekend in Calgary, I love to laugh while reading your comments.

J said...

Tracy, I was not anyone people at school were scared of( at least I really hope not). I was just aggressive on the court. I only ever got into one fight at school and she deserved it, she was picking on one of the twins (two girls that were really sweet and were my friends)
But I was not mean to people.