Saturday, February 26

Another day in paradise minus the paradise

This week has been absolutely freezing, -35 with the wind chill all week. Ugh..this needs to end soon.
Another thing that added to the joy of this week is gas prices went up to $1.09... oh heaven.  This time of year in this country I call home is starting to wear on me. I need to start going to Mexico in the winters.

So when I was picking up Seth on this joyous day the other moms and I were chatting about how our days were going and one of the ladies asked about how to remove a bean from her child's nose.
Kind of gross, and truthfully I have not had to deal with that yet (knock on wood). We have swallowed things, but nothing up the nose yet.

I did share with her our "shove things in the ears story".

I think it was a year and a half ago around summer time, Seth was sitting on a chair and I was looking at his hair and noticed something in his ear. I went and grabbed a flashlight and started inspecting; I could not make out what it was exactly but I could see there was definitely a foreign object in there.
I phoned the doctor and because my doctor is amazing he said to come in that day.
When I got there he looked in Seth's ears and said, "ooh ya there is something in here for sure, and it looks pink"
He checked Seth's other ear too, and said, "in here it's yellow and orange"

We were both baffled . He went and got a little bottle, filled it with warm water and told me to hold a green kidney basin under Seth's ear while he (the doctor) gently squirted water to remove whatever the colorful things were in Seth's ears.
While the water was being squirted in, chunks of colorful dots that were covered and stuck to each other with big pieces of dark ear wax would come out. Obviously whatever this was had been in there for a while.
After a few squirts the doctor checked his ear again and made sure everything was out, and then moved onto the next ear.
As the water was going into the next ear, more tiny dots of color were coming out stuck together with chunks of ear wax. I was gagging now. I could not for the life of me figure out what all these dots were. And the smell was horrible.

Then when it was all done, and the doctor had checked both ears to make sure it was all out it dawned on me what the pieces of color were. It was the floam Drew's mother had bought Seth for Christmas 6 months before!! He must have shoved it in his ears when he was playing with it.

Floam is little Styrofoam balls in a goo that sticks together for molding into objects.
I was laughing so hard I was crying (while I was gagging from the smell). The doctor was giggling pretty hard too.
Seth just kept smiling and saying "wow, that feels so much better"

All the moms at the table were laughing, it's good to laugh. It made me forget about how cold my hands were.


I am grateful that Natasha came into town this week to have dinner with me. She is one of my oldest friends and it is always good to visit with her.We exchanged gifts from the last 3 major holidays, ate Indian food and went shopping at Anthropologie. It was a good night.

I am grateful Tasha only found one lemon seed in the scones I made her. oops.  For the record I thought I got them all out.

I am grateful for my paraffin wax. I used it again today on my very dry hands; they are taking such a beating in this weather. Thanks again Heather!

I am grateful it is the weekend and that the weather is supposed to be mild. The children need to be able to get out and play more before I lose my mind.

I am grateful for how pretty I feel in my new jeans.

I am grateful for phone conversations with dear friends, it does my heart well.



Natasha said...

If they were the jeans you were wearing the other night, they looked good!

Okay, so he had Floam in his ears for months? Did you guys not notice that he wasn't hearing as well?

And you don't have to go to Mexico. You just have to come to where I am where gas is only 98.3 or something and the temp went up yesterday to only about minus 12. We've had some major warm spells lately.

And I like to think I'm pretty young, actually.

J said...

Well, you would think there would have been a difference with his hearing and speech. But the honest answer is is speech was still so bad that we did not notice anything.

You are still young;)

Anonymous said...

Na-uh, Joelle. You DO need Mexico! Tell your Mom "Mayan Riviera". We'll snorkel and touch Sea Turtles and be very warm and relaxed and the floam will all float away. :0)