Saturday, January 8

Valium Please

Does anyone out there have a Valium I could please have, I am desperate, I am begging you. PLEASE.

It is 9:36 pm and I just sent the last of 15 young children home from Ethan's Birthday party and I am a tad frazzled. It was fun, actually a lot of fun, but it was busy, very busy.  And very giggly, and very wrestle-y. It was our first "boy girl party", and I will let it be know it was not what I had planned. When I printed out the invitations the party was intended to be a "guys night" with hockey and a movie. When Ethan returned from school that day he told me he had invited this boy, and that boy then he said 3 girls names. A little shocked I said, ooh you invited girls? He said to me mom, it's no big deal...they are just like boys only they are girls.

Ooh my little man, I love your innocence... but I am not mature enough to handle boy girl parties as a mom.



I am grateful I had a wonderful day with Nora. Drew drove Seth which allowed me to let Nora sleep in and when she finally woke up at 9:30 she was delightful, charming and funny all day.
The highlight was when she asked to play with play dough. She took a huge multi coloured ball out of the bag and says to me, Awww mom isn't it cute, it looks just like baby Jesus.

I am grateful the kids at Ethan's party seemed very pleased with the cookies I baked for them in lieu of goodie bags.

I am grateful Nora only painted the wall with vicks vapo-rub today while I had a nap instead of getting into real trouble. (As a side note, I do not normally leave my child unattended but I woke up with a huge migraine and was physically sick and when that happens rest is the only thing that fixes it).

I am really grateful Ethan had a great time at his party and really grateful Ethan has a good group of friends.  And I'm REALLY glad he liked his team Canada hockey jersey that we bought him.

Also. I sent WW a letter. I will share their response on Monday. It's a gooder.

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