Friday, January 21

A typical night of baking

So I pulled out all the stops and decided to make Drew a really fancy little cake (from one of Jamie Oliver's magazines) now that plums are available at the local grocery store.  It took almost three hours to make two desserts, and the end result was... one oven fire, watery eyes, difficulty breathing, and nobody liked any of the desserts except me.  Nobody in our house, anyway.  Thank goodness for the Brit's who salvaged my self esteem a little bit.

I'm not exactly sure that Jamie Oliver or Julia Child would be very pleased with my oven work.  But I thought the plum upside down cake was fantastic, if I do say so myself.


I am grateful for the pair of pants, undies, socks and shoes that were all on sale at Baby Gap that I had to purchase after Nora had an accident in the mall.

I am grateful this week is almost over.

I am grateful there was leftovers so I didn't have to make anything for dinner for the kids tonight.


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