Monday, January 24

Turn It Up For Monday!

I have discovered yet again how brilliant I am. This obviously comes as no surprise to anyone, but let me explain.

Drew is in school again. He is working on his degree in Disaster Management with a minor in homeland security from Jacksonville State University in Alabama (his school mascot is an angry chicken, they call them gamecocks, it makes me giggle).
Anyhow, he is in school again. Drew runs the province during the day, and after the children are in bed he works till all hours filling his brains with every possible emergency known to man and how to fix it.
Some of the really cool classes he has taken that are my personal favorites are weapons of mass destruction and hostage negotiation.
I enjoy these classes of his because I get to read the textbooks too, and sometimes I can help Drew. Like the time in his Geology class I actually answered a question for him (and got it right) because I had watched the movie Twilight and recognized the terrain in the west coast. (True Story)

This semester Drew is taking an oral communications course and he has to videotape himself 7 times giving different speeches about a variety of topics; and 3 times he has to do it in front of an audience. His first video was just an introduction, but his next assignment is due this Friday and he was not sure what to do the lecture on. (This is the part where my genius shines through).
As he was deciding what to do the lecture on (the requirement was that it has to be explaining/demonstrating something and have at least 3 steps to teach) I suggested why not teach us how to fold a fitted sheet.  As a side note, I've watched Martha Stewart arrogantly fold fitted sheets with very little trouble.  Almost mocking me because I can't do it.

I am brilliant because I hate folding fitted sheets, I am too short to do it, and if I just got him to figure out how it could forever be his job!  (Maniacal Laughter.)  I amaze myself sometimes.
He is over in the living room right now practicing! And all my fitted sheets are folded beautifully.  Again, insert Maniacal Laughter.  He runs the province and repairs natural disasters but is folding my fitted sheets!

So for this music Monday I have a varied mixture of styles and beats. Some songs I remember dancing to with my mom when I was younger. It was her birthday this weekend and I wanted to play some songs for her.

Simon and Garfunkel is one of my all time favorites. My dad Steve listened to them, so we listened to them. Excellent group to sing along to on road trips.

Simon & Garfunkel-Cecilla

The Temptations is one of the groups on the album from the movie The Big Chill. Our family listened to this tape every road trip. 

The Temptations-Aint Too Proud To Beg

Obvious classic!

Abba-Take a Chance On Me

Happy Birthday Mom!

Now for something a little more recent...

I had this tape and played it so much the tape in the cassette would no longer play it was so stretched out. I love this group.

House Of Pain-Jump Around

 This song reminds me of very late nights driving an old ambulance on back roads in the middle of nowhere northern Alberta. It was the only thing that kept me awake.

Blur-Song 2

Late night request!

Coldplay-Viva La Vida

Plain and simple brilliance!

U2-Sweetest Thing

Tasha told me about this song. Love it!

Joel Plaskett-Nowhere With You


I am grateful that as I am typing this I remembered the tooth fairy needed to make another appearance tonight.  That's two times this week and I'm proud to say I didn't forget either time! I mean the tooth fairy didn't forget.

I am grateful for the beautiful warm weather we had this weekend!  We had a wonderful time playing together. 

I am grateful for my visitors who stopped by Sunday night.  It was good to catch up.


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Natasha said...

Very funny. Also: "gamecocks"? Bwahahaha.

Also, weird: It's MY mom's birthday TODAY!