Wednesday, January 19

Today I Single Handedly Mortified My Poor Son

All of my children have nicknames. Even my friends children have nicknames from me. I have no idea why I've done this... I just have. 
I have always found nicknames fun - different - easier maybe? Because obviously my friends daughter named Ella Rae is WAY harder then my modified Elle-bella... I know it's weird.
Did you know I came up with all of my children names from movies I was watching when I was pregnant with them.

(Side note, I am not sure if I have already mentioned this fact about my children's names, if I have and I am repeating myself, I am really sorry. Let's face it, the older I get the more some of these stories are going to get recycled.)

When I was pregnant with Ethan we watched Mission Impossible.... I am not sure I would have done this after Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah's couch, but who really could have anticipated that level of strange?
Gabe (Gabriel) was named after Heath Ledger's character from the movie The Patriot.
Seth was Nicolas Cage's character off The City Of Angels.
Nora was from Pete's Dragon, had she been a boy, her name would have been Leonardo DiCaprio's character Archer, off Blood Diamond.

So not only do they have their given names, they have been lovingly tagged with their nicknames.
Ethan is Mr., Sir, Little Man, or Little Bear.
Seth will forever be baby Seth, which in itself is strange because he was 11 pounds 6 ounces and 23 inches long when he was born, so really we should call him toddler Seth or small giant Seth, but baby Seth has stuck. We also call Seth Sir, and Mr., as well as Bubba.
Nora is Missy, Sister, Little miss, Nora Bora.... as I am typing this I feel so bad for this kids, poor things.

Then there is the main character of today's post Gabriel.
We have always called him Gabers, or Gaber-Babers. Our children have never said anything to us about the things we call them, I guess I never really thought to ask.

This afternoon I went in to go have a talk with Gabe's teacher, to catch up, and just say hi. On my way out, Gabe was getting dressed for recess and all his friends were standing around him waiting for him so they could all play.  I walked past and smiled at him, then I said, see ya Gabers.

As I walked further I could hear the roar from all his little friends "ha ha GABERS" I could hear all of them taking turns calling him GABERS in a mocking and laughing way.

I just about died for him.

I wanted to go back and say sorry, to try and make it better.... but I clearly had done enough. What on Earth was I thinking? Why was I not thinking!?

I think I would have possibly caused less harm had I licked my finger and wiped his face, or if I would have asked if he needed to "tinkle".

I just humiliated my poor little boy in front of his peer group.
Well there goes 100 dollars for a therapy session in 10 years.

SUCK! I feel so stupid, and all I can do is laugh and shake my head.

I am madly baking him something right now to make up for this. I am going to be saying sorry a lot tonight!



I am grateful for the beautiful sunshine today. It was bright and cheery all day. I really perked up with the warmer weather too. It was only -7.

I am really grateful that we did not have to go back and get more stitches as Nora re-opened her head wound when she fell and hit her head tonight.  Thankfully the bleeding stopped with a little pressure.

I am grateful all my boys have such wonderful and caring teachers. 

I am grateful there was not a ton of chocolate in my house today, or I would have been in trouble.


Natasha said...

Funny. Both this post and the fact that you think therapy sessions will only cost you $100 fifteen years from now.

My son's nickname is WAY worse than "Gabers".

Percy2626 said...

I agree Natasha!

Also, Joelle, it could have been MUCH worse. You could have said Gaber-Babers!!! How was he after school?

I think everyone nicknames their kids. Savannah used to be Twofers (two teeth), Bijoux (Bijou is French for small and elegant, also for jewel sometimes). Now she is Daddy's Lovebug and Mummy's big girl! :D Thank goodness at this age she likes it. She calls herself Daddy's Lovebug all the time. She used to call Ladybugs (really Lady Bird Beetles), "Lovebugs" too.

Even our cats all have nicknames... kind of like Ella-Bella, I just say them differently. So I'd say you are way more normal with that than me!!! :D

Amy said...

That reminds me of when I was 5, my brother called me "shrimp"...along with all his 10 yr old friends for a year. I'm sure you can imagine it. I hated it at first, but then I felt kind of cool because the older kids talked to me.

Plus it could have been worse, he had a friend with the first name Bunny. Now that's cruel. ;)