Monday, January 31

Themed Music Monday

What a cold weekend. it spring yet?

I have had lots of time to come up with new Music Monday ideas, and so I am going to do a few themed ones. I can not take credit for this first one, but I thought it was so clever I just had to share it.

So this first themed Music Monday is dedicated to all my sisters out there. For all you ladies who have suffered just like I have over the years. I can't wait to see if any one can guess the theme.



UB40- Red Red Wine 

Leona Lewis- Bleeding Love

Frank Sinatra-ive Got the World On a String

Sunday Bloody Sunday-U2

Pearl Jam-Even Flow


I am grateful for everyone who came over to help Drew with his video for school. Especially Chip who was sick. Thanks for coming. 

I am grateful for Uncle Dawson's visit this weekend. Like always it was wonderful to see him. 

I am grateful for perspective.  

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