Tuesday, January 25

Snowboarding training for 2014, Family and Warm Weather.

This past weekend was so warm; Saturday at around 1pm it was +4 degrees. It was sunny, and beautiful. I loved every minute of it.

We took the children out for the afternoon so Ethan could practice more on his snowboard. We keep telling him if he plans to make the 2014 Olympic team he needs to work a little harder and be more focused. He keeps giving us some lame excuse about being in grade 3, which we obviously don't accept and tell him he should not let anything get in the way of our his dreams. Even grade school! I love that he just laughs at us.

It was a good day.

Ethan getting ready for half-pipe training.

Pretty much the exact position Nora stayed in all two times that she skied.

Seth brought a little teddy bear home for the weekend from school.  So of course he came along.

Please keep in mind snow gear adds a couple pounds.

Gabe hoofing up the hill, one of a thousand times.
It was such great fun, I even made a snow angel. I hope next weekend is just as beautiful.


I am grateful for all the laundry I was able to get done.

I am grateful for how good Gabe did on his spelling test Friday - what an improvement!

I am grateful for good family fun.