Thursday, January 27

Seth Is From Africa

I was driving home from picking up Seth and completely out of nowhere Seth says to me.
Do you know you are not my real mom?
I'm shocked, but I have learned this kid has a wicked sense of humor, so I play along..
Why do you say that Seth?
He says, I am really from Africa.
I giggle, well, I was going to wait for a more appropriate time to tell you, but I guess you are too smart for us and figured it out on your own.
He is smiling pretty big now,
I ask, so what is your real moms name?
He says Ms. Danielle (funny that is also his teachers name)
Ooh, is she nice?
I smile at him and ask, When will you be going back to Africa?
Next Tuesday.
I think for a minute,
Seth, can I ask what gave it away that you are from Africa.
He points to a dark mole beside his ear, See? I am part black.

There it was, I roar in laughter!
I have one funny kid!



I am so very grateful for whoever sent me the beautiful flowers today. They are gorgeous. I would also like to thank whoever got me the Anthro gift card, I bought a beautiful hat with it. And last, a huge thank you C for the team Canada Jersey signed by Jennifer Heil (the Olympic skier), Nora loves it!. I am feeling very spoiled.

I am grateful for Physio guy who let me shoot hoops tonight at physio. You are such a good friend to me, thank you... I loved the hoops so much that I will overlook the fact you had a 15 year old boy (assistant) ultrasound my a$$ tonight.

I am grateful for the dear teachers my children have.

I am grateful for my friend who got a long awaited response from a letter she wrote; regardless of whatever happens, I am truly grateful she got it.

I am grateful Drew is able to work from home some days. It's such a simple thing, but I like it.

I am grateful the 30 day shred seems to be working well, my pants felt a little loose today.

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