Wednesday, January 5

Self Pity Tuesday

Ooh how I feel sorry for myself today! I did not sleep well last night because of my back pain and when I woke up it just continued downhill from there. My back hurts so much I could honestly barely put on my underwear. I bent over and literally got stuck. The pain shoots down my legs and makes my feet tingly and it hurts a lot, A LOT! I can't stand up for too long because it's too uncomfortable but can't sit down either because that's just as torturous.  I'm in this can't sit can't stand dilemma all day.

I am only 32 years old for heaven sakes. What on earth is this all about??  Ooh ya, I should have not let go of that rock climbing wall when my inner voice told me not to.... right.

Today was not a good day. When my back hurts like it did today I am not really good for much, and I am not the most pleasant person to be around. My mothering goes from loving with cookies freshly baked and laundry being folded to the smoke hanging from the side of the mouth, huge bags under the eyes, last nights makeup smeared, runner in the pantyhose, yelling out the trailer door with only a bra on, kind of mom.

Nice picture eh?

It was a long day I am sure every member of my family is grateful to have behind us.

But one fun thing did happen, English Sam came over after everyone went to bed and played on the Jiggle fat machine.  The jiggle fat machine is an exercise vibrating platform that forces you to keep your balance and is supposed to activate all of your core muscle fibers, and as that is my weakest area right now that's what I'm trying to work on.  I had been on it for most of the evening after the kids went to bed and then when she came over she wanted to try.

Here is a video to show you what I'm talking about:

When you are standing on this thing, it is the strangest sensation.

The video that I want to post is the one I have of English Sam on the jiggle fat machine, not knowing that I am filming her, and then when she realizes it she leaps 15 feet to pound on me and smack the camera out of my hand.  But because I want to keep our friendship alive, I'm only telling you and not showing you.

It was kind of a nice way to end a painful day, getting to laugh a little bit with my friend.

Hopefully with some sleep the laughing mom will return tomorrow.



I am grateful that the Canadian junior hockey team walloped beat was victorious against the USA Monday and is going up against Russia tonight.  Hoorah Canada!  Show them who's boss!
I'll be wearing my Team Canada jersey (that I got for Christmas) all day in anticipation of the game.

I'm grateful that when I came home some sweet angel had made me fresh blueberry muffins and left them at my door.  That was angelically well timed, desperately needed and greatly appreciated.

I am grateful tomorrow is hair day, I need colour really badly!

I'm grateful that there is a program like Weight Watchers that I can join, as I'm unable to exercise like I used to be capable of.  As of today I have 82 days to New York!

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Anonymous said...

So sorry you are feeling sore. I have had back problems too, and between the chiropractor and a fitness class, can keep it in check. I know it's hard to take a fitness class when you have little kids. Have you tried yoga at home? There are some good DVDs out there.