Thursday, January 13

Poor Little Girl

As I am sure you can imagine Nora was a little tender and cuddly this morning. She slept in and by 9am it was worrying me that maybe she might have a head injury after all because she very rarely sleeps in. But soon after I could hear her beginning to stir.

When I heard the door open and the pitter patter of little feet I went to the stairs and her eye was swollen shut. Poor thing. After a bit she was able to open it more. But she was still sad about it.

It was nice to have a slow day with Nora. We watched movies, ate snacks and coloured. Nora's little friend Lexi came over with colouring pages and a present for her to do while she was on the mend.
Too cute.


I am grateful Drew worked from home. I always like it when he is around.

I am grateful for sweet friends.

I am grateful I had SNL to watch today. What an excellent episode.
The other day I joked about how other parts of the world crumble with a tiny little snow fall. Although New York got way more than a little bit and I know because of that there was a lot of not good things that happened,  I still thought this was funny. I actually laughed out loud.


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