Thursday, January 6

The Odyssey Of Me

When Drew helped me with the changes to my blog for the new year I decided to add a small explanation of my blog. After days of thinking up possibilities I decided on The Odyssey Of Me.

A few of the ideas that I tossed around  J is for Joelle were:
-how to not be a raging alcoholic while raising 4 children.
-Most days I feel like I am in a sadistic game of dodge ball and I am the only one having balls thrown at me.
-I did not read this in the fine print. 
-I call foul, this was not in my job description!
 some came close, but none of these captured the true essence of what I wanted to say.

When I looked up the definition of odyssey (a long wandering and eventful journey) I felt this was an excellent description for my blog and how I felt about it.  I wanted to follow it with "The Odyssey of me, 1000 miles or two blocks depending on the day" but that was getting too wordy. So I settled on the Odyssey of Me plain and simple. 

My journey. My story. I think one of the worst things in this life is regret, among a few other things, but regret is one of the top 5. I want to live a life that is happy, full of ups and downs, interactive with many different people, and fulfilling.  I don't expect this journey to be easy, enjoyable more than not, but not easy.  I feel that is what an odyssey is, that's what life is.

So with that,
 I would like to once again thank you, whoever you are out there for the huge compliment of your time. Thank you for the complement you have given me by reading me. The counter on my blog page was added shortly after I actually began writing so it is not totally accurate, the real number of visits I have had as of this very second is 7,515.  It is mind blowing to me that anyone would be interested in anything I had to say, let alone interested enough to come back more than once. 

I am enjoying this simple and small daily task immensely. It does in no way compare to the joy I feel when I clean the toilets, or pick up the pile of clothes that once again has been dropped BESIDE the laundry basket and not IN it,or the euphoria of doing dishes...but really how could it? But it does offer me a small creative outlet, and a venue that I have total control over, because frankly I have control over very little in my world. I am also loving the ever increasing number of comments that are left.....keep em coming! 

Thank you again. For your time and interest.... And for telling at least one person, maybe two about my blog.....(that was written subliminally)



I am grateful the world Junior Hockey game was so exciting. I love it when Canada wins, but I do also love a good underdog story just as much. I think Russia did a great job, and congrats to you guys!  We will get'em next time! I wonder how loud it must have been at the Palin house with everyone cheering in Russia just across the street.

I am grateful for the darling lady that does my hair! I feel so pretty when I walk out of there.

I am grateful for my friends to are organizing the purchase of New Kids On The Block tickets for all of us for this July. Ooh ya, I will admit it! I am going!!!!!!

I am grateful that I have Amy who will answer any fashion question I text her within minutes. You are invaluable and I love you tons!!!


Anonymous said...

Joelle, I love your blog! You think your readers are paying you a compliment, but I think you are the generous one here, by sharing your life, humour, and honesty with us. I wish you the best. Truly, life can be messy, hard, sad, and frustrating, but you brighten my day every time I read a post.

Amy said...

Aww, I love you too. ;)
I love your "keeping it real" blogging. Every post is genuinely you, I love it!