Tuesday, January 4

Nothing to offer the universe today

I have absolutely nothing to offer anyone today. I have been wracking my brain all day and still I have nothing to write about. Nothing insightful, witty, or educational.

I could tell people I took Nora to the Disney store today to spend the money her Grandpa and Grandma gave her and she bought a horse.

Or how I went to physio tonight but Physio guy was so busy I did not get to visit with him much, which was disappointing to say the least. And that I worked so hard that my back is in agony. I hate not getting to visit and laugh a lot with Physio guy; not doing so makes the pain in my back just pain, and not tolerable.

I had to go to Reitmans and buy 2 pairs of stretchy dress pants because I have gained at least 5 pounds over Christmas and I need something to wear that isn't just Lululemon workout pants.

I could tell you how Drew is out of town... blah.

I could talk about how sore my back is and how I literally got stuck bending over to put my underwear on and could not get back up.

I could tell you how I am so bored now that Drew has started school again, which means I am an education widow.

Or how my hands have such dry skin that it's too painful to wear my wedding rings.

I could tell you how I have 2 funerals to go to this week.

Sorry it's pathetic, but it's today.



I am grateful for all the comments people left on my post for Sunday. I really like it when people leave comments.

I am grateful tomorrow is a new day.

I am grateful I have 2 pairs of pants to wear until I return this extra weight to the universe.

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