Saturday, January 29

Nora's first Eyebrow waxing

This morning after Nora and I dropped Seth off at school we had to make a quick stop at our Pediatricians office. He wanted to check out her eyebrow to make sure it was healing well. It has had a few setbacks in the form of re-opening due to falls, so he wanted to make sure things were well.

When we get called into his office he of course does the regular Hi, how are you doing.
Nora loves Dr. McGonigle so she always chats it up with him. She tells him she is thirsty, that Dad put baby socks on her feet this morning instead of big girl socks: "Silly Daddy," and that she is happy to see him this morning.
She tells him she has a cough. It's adorable.

Nora climbs up onto the little seat where she sits every time. Dr. McGonigle asks to see her eye and she lifts her hair to show him, and out of nowhere he grabs a piece of the glue that was on her eyebrow and yanks it.

I can not even describe the howl that shot from my poor little darling but I am sure many women out there know what I am talking about, because we all either did make that same noise, or wanted to the first time we were waxed.

I am actually not sure who was more surprised; her or the Doctor. She threw her hands up onto her eye and whaled, and the doctor jumped back a little and said, ooh my I thought it would be unattached after almost 3 weeks.

I of course was calm the entire time, and told Nora, Listen, you will need to get used to making sacrifices for beauty. Because really, inner beauty is nice and all, but no one can see that; outer beauty is what matters most.

Poor little thing only has half an eyebrow on that side now!


I am grateful Dawson made it up safely - only 3 1/2 hours late.

I am grateful for good friends.

I am grateful for delicious food.


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Natasha said...

"But no one can see that." LOL. Golden.

Poor kid.