Saturday, January 22

The Magical Power Of Bread And Cheese

Let me tell you about the magical place English Sam found right here in Edmonton. (5028-104A st.)

This is exactly what everyone needs to brighten their cold and snowy days.

This beautiful Italian Grocery store was not only huge, but filled to the brim with beautiful meats, cheese, baking, black Truffles (that are located in a locked cabinet), anything you could possibly have wanted to try after looking through Jamie Oliver's cookbooks (or could not find to make them in your regular grocery) is in this magnificent store. 

Sigh....There is also a little lunch area so you can eat before you spend 2 and a half hours going up and down every isle. I bet you I spent at least 20 minutes at the baked goods area alone.

I came home with a rather large box full of treats and things for my family to try. It was glorious! The second I got home from picking up Seth I started cutting into the different loaves of bread I picked up, piling the olive and tomato bruchetta on every slice. 

Fresh Prosciutto-Parma and glorious cheeses to wrap around asparagus, coconut water, stuffed jalapeño peppers, Creme Fraiche... it has been a very good night. 

The perfect way to start off the weekend!



I am grateful for delicious food that makes me happy and is pleasurable. I believe that is how food is supposed to be. I think there is an aspect of this life that is lost when you take away the experience of the culinary arts. There is so much people will never understand about culture, beautiful cultures, if they never try new things. There is a tangible difference in sharing a wonderful meal sitting around a table vs eating fast food grease in a car while rushing somewhere. I am grateful for beautiful food.

I am grateful for the sun. When there are days and days of cold, snow, and dreary skies that seem like they'll never end you wake up one morning and out of nowhere the sun peeks through reminding us that he is not gone forever. Reminding us that not too much longer and the snow will be gone, telling me/us to hang in there. 

I unrolled my window to feel the heat and power on my face. It was glorious!

I am grateful for feeling like myself again. (Without being rude or nasty, but always trying to be honest) I find a few days of every month a huge struggle (Drew has informed me it's normally 8 days). The best way I can describe it is I lose perspective and feel like something I am not. I am very angry, short tempered, agitated, sad and tired. My back hurts more then normal, I feel withdrawn and can be hurtful to those around me. Sometimes I feel like it is a sick joke being a woman, like my body has not given so much already. I can't wait to have a heart to heart with God about this aspect of female life one day. I have a lot of questions around this topic. 

I am always so grateful for the day I feel like myself again. 


Anonymous said...

What a joy reading have reminded me of the joy of food and absolute pleasure it brings. The parent shop has always been here on the north side and I LOVE it there. The espresso is to die for and the atmosphere is wonderful. So glad you are feeling better. A big thank you for my books! Hope to see you soon. Have great weekend enjoying the simple pleasures in life!

Tracy said...

I have a love/hate relationship with this store- it is 10 minutes from my house. I blame it for not being successful at staying at a healthy weight!!

Percy2626 said...

I personally LOVE that Italian store also. At Christmastime they get in all sorts of wonderful Italian Dark Chocolate. Most of it has no milk ingredients so I can eat it to my heart's content. The best part is it is made with Hazelnuts, so it is soft and reminds me of when I used to eat Ferrero Rochers! Mmmmmm

So glad you found the store and are able to enjoy so much of it! Look out Joelle's family, you are in for a lot more Jamie Oliver meals now!!! :D

Amber Goodale said...

I love this post! I agree with all of it! Food is great! Also, the few days out of every month! You are so fricken right! Its crazy! So relateable, I hate how cranky and nuts I get, and it seems the more I annoy myself, the shorter my fuse gets with everyone else! Your blog is awesome J! I love it!! It brightens everything! <3