Thursday, January 20

In Bed By 5pm

Today my 10 day stretch of only getting 5 hours of sleep a night caught up with me. I was in bed by 5pm. 
Actually I was sent to bed by my husband because I think he was tired of my grumpiness. 
To be honest, I was getting sick of it too. 

At the moment I have woken for a few minutes to eat something, blog, then head back to bed. 

So for today a simple quote:

"The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook."
William James 1842-1910

Funny story about quotes, when Drew and I lived up North and worked for the ambulance service there Drew was interviewing for a supervisor job with the company. We were both excited and we even went out and bought him new clothes (pants with pleats in the front from Marks Work Warehouse) and a new tie. The day arrived and I was so excited for him all day. 
When he got home I just attacked him with 1000 questions. He said it went really well and then told me, he even  liked my quote. 
I asked, you quoted something? What did you quote?
He said I used that really good quote from the movie The Rock.

I gasp, became very quiet. 
You did not actually quote a movie?
I sure did!
I asked him what quote?
He says the quote (which I am not going to repeat because it is that embarrassing)
but not quite as embarrassing as the fact that he said the quote with Sean Connery's accent.

Can you even believe he actually got the job. And then took over as the General Manager later?



I am grateful for Drew. I was a bear today and he took over everything and let me sleep. 

I am grateful Ethan trusts us enough to talk to us and tell us things that are going on with him. I feel very humbled that he still likes us enough to share personal secrets.

I am grateful I will feel better in the morning. 

I am grateful for Pepsi, I was able to make it through today. It was ugly, but I made it through. 


LeahM said...

Thank the Lord for Pepsi!
That and a good sleep will cure all ills...

Natasha said...

Ha ha! You're so telling me that quote. :-D