Monday, January 3

First Music Monday for 2011

While I was putting Nora to bed tonight she was very upset about not seeing her friend today at church. I told her they will be there next week and not to worry. She said to me " I don't like being a big girl" I asked why, she said it's more fun being little. Then she said, "I just want to be taller and full of chocolate."

Me too my darling!

This music Monday is a little slower then normal. Not sure why, just the mood I am in I guess.

John Mayer-Say What you Need to say

The Fugees- No Woman No Cry

Adele-HomeTown Glory

Fergie-Big Girls Don't Cry


I am grateful for 1 pm church now.

I am grateful the children are back in school. It is good to have a routine back.

I am grateful for peace, and how good it feels. It is such a gift.


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