Sunday, January 2

Desperate for help on a Sunday, Marriage Ref style

Drew and I got into a debate last night on the way home from my dads farm, it is getting a bit bigger as the night goes on and I have nothing but what I view as common sense backing me. So I need help answering a question.

Here is the scenario.

Last night as we were driving home on the back country roads, the roads were covered in snow and it was dark out and a rather large deer ran out from the bush.

I said to Drew he should have slowed down.
He said he did not need to because first he has superior driving skills (eye roll) but also that there would be no difference in the impact to the side our truck (which is a 5608 pound GM Yukon XL) or to how the deer fared hitting our truck when he is going 70 km an hour vs 2 km an hour.

My argument was he should have slowed down (I did not say he had to go 2 km an hour, he used that speed as an example) I said he simply should have slowed down to a reasonable speed.

I also said that going faster would have the potential for the deer to get more injured vs if he hit us going very slowly.

When we got home Drew looked up on the Internet the physics of accidents and I feel that nothing he found is the same as our scenario. We tried running our own experiments where he would walk slowly past me and I would push him, and he would do it again a little faster. Obviously these brutal experiments were not only pathetic but very flawed. (Mostly because when he was going faster he would brace himself for my impact).

SO I am desperate, I need help. If any of you can answer this with math/physics ANYTHING please have mercy and answer this.

Now I will let it be known I have ZERO problem admitting when I am wrong! If I am I will happily post it to the world.

To recap- Would an animal (a deer) fare the same hitting the side of a GM Yukon XL that is going 70 km's an hour vs 2 Km's an hour? And also would the truck fare the same?

I just need some answers!!!



I am grateful the deer did not hit us.

I am grateful the weather was manageable for today's tobogganing at my dads house. The kids had a great time. And I am thankful no one got hurt, that hill was crazy!

I am grateful for the fun time and good food we all enjoyed today!


Amanda Adams said...

Ok ..I am no math expert but if you were going even 20 kms an hour you would have been able to stop before the deer even hitting you thus no damage to car or isnt the "law of accidents" that as a passesnger you are travelling at the same speed as the vehicle??? So by that logic if you were travelling at 20kms an hour you would be less injured than if you were travelling 70kms an hour...COME ON DREW..MECHANISIM OF INJURY...GEEZ!!! LOL...

Drew said...

We are talking about the crazy deer that run out from the ditch and run into the side of your vehicle. Those are the ones that I'm saying would be hurt the exact same no matter your speed. They hit the side of your vehicle with the same force (because force is a vector that depends only on the deers mass and acceleration). The deer hits the side of the vehicle and bounces off (presumably immediately like a bird against a window)so it wouldn't matter the speed I was travelling. The poor deers mechanism of injury would be the same. The coup-contre coup injury would be equal.

Natasha said...

This whole thing is a joke, right? Because surely no one would really try to replicate a deer/truck scenario with their bodies in seriousness. It's too sitcom absurd. ;-)

Natasha said...

I agree with what Drew said, however I think he is pulling one of those man tricks where he acts like he considered all this at the time and like he knew that IF the deer were to hit, it would hit the side and absolutely not the front because Drew can perfectly ascertain the timing and read the deer's mind. I mean, I wasn't there but that's what this sounds like: A way to get out of admitting to his wife that he did something wrong.

Tracy said...

Tell Drew to slow down when he sees any animal. Reason- when there is one, there is usually another one right behind or on the other side of the road. You might miss the one you see, but better to be too careful than reckless. Yes, I said reckless Drew. You should know what it is like repairing people's bodies from these kinds of accidents. I could right a book about the times of near misses with animals and slowing down makes the most sense physics or no physics considered. Drew can apologize and kiss and make up;)

J said...

THANK YOU TASHA!!!!! It is all because he won't admit he did something wrong! And sadly it is all true, we actually did try the experiments.
And yes he did say at the time it was already thought out and planned on his end *eye roll*

Leah M said...

Point one: In the case submitted, damage to the deer and the SIDE of the truck is the same. However, i would submit that the next 'experiment' would consider the head-on impact where windshields and speed and definitely a factor. Plan for the worst(head-on) and hope for the best(a side swiper). And don't be stubborn Drew, and make your children orphans.
With much love(I always love your topics that spur duscussion!!)

Anonymous said...

My two... or more cents:

Both of you are right. Joelle you are right because if you had slowed down that particular deer would have run way ahead of you and you'd have never seen it. On the other hand the same would be true if you'd have sped up a bit, you would have driven by and that deer would have run safely behind you.

Drew is also right in that if the deer is going to head butt your vehicle it doesn't matter either way to the deer... he or she just head butted your vehicle.

There is a web site I heard about on CBC (where I get 90% of the useless information I spout) where a couple can present each side of their argument and people vote for who has the best argument and that settles it. :) I'm too tired to find it now... I'll try again some time.

My personal feeling is that slowing down is not as big a deal as hurting yourself or your loved ones (or someone else's) but my motto is safety above all. jk.

Lastly... Owww my back hurts, I need to lay down. Joelle, you know what I'm talking about.

xoxoxo HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sam and/or Monika said...

First let me say that when it comes to cars Men trump the ladies. In any way shape and form. So I am sticking with Drew on this one. As I am sure my wife will go with Joelle, but my wife is not educated in these areas and I am.

Men have expertise derives in theses areas from constantly studying, pondering and planning for the unlikely and unexpected.

During long family drives when the kids are screaming in the back and the wife is blabbing about so-and-so who is pregnant again or whatever.

We, the husbands, are behind the wheel nodding in agreement all the while planning in out minds our reaction to certain scenarios.

Like: What if a deer jumped out in front of me right now? What if a drunk driver swerved into my lane? What if there was a plane crash in the field next to me? What if terrorists tried to crawl on top of my roof right now while I am driving to church?.... you get the picture.

Given our great deal of thought in these areas - all in the name of protecting our family - we have become accustomed to pondering the details, analyzing conditions, and factoring in the variables for any given subject on any given day.

It's part of being a man.

Father, husband, protector and provider.

It's what we do.

It's what we are good at.

If Drew says one thing, and J says another and we are talking about cars/deer/firearms /power tools etc... I am going with Drew. This is his area. This is his baby.

He flies dog-fights for fun.

He has decided to plan for emergencies as his day-to-day.

His mind is a well oiled, fine tuned machine and he should be hearkened to...just like he hearkens to ......(you know the rest).


J said...

Sam you are a good friend to Drew.

Based completely and entirely on how well written and funny your comment was (and only partly because of the sweater he bought me today) I will concede this victory to my dearest.

You rock Crowfoot!