Wednesday, January 26

Cougar Town Basketball

This past weekend Drew and I and the Brits went to a U of A basketball game. The U of A played Manitoba and we watched both the girls play and then the guys.

It was wonderful to watch basketball again. It does something to my soul watching it; it brings out such a wash of energy, youth, and passion in me. While I watch I forget there are others around, I am completely fixed on the game. I feel the excitement of every play and the disappointment of missed ones. I get angry when a team is unfairly treated by the refs. And it brings me to tears when the impossible was achieved.

For that brief hour I am no longer 32, I have no back or ankle pain and I could and would happily go up against their biggest girl.
Now listen I know 32 is not old, most of the time I don't feel old at all,  but in this setting of university basketball where the majority of the people there just had their 18th birthday I could easily run for mayor of cougar town.

With age thought I see the game a little differently,  I see the wisdom that I don't think I could when I was younger. I see what Coach Rita was talking about all those years.
The game is so beautiful to me. I can't wait for the boys or the girl to start playing. My heart aches for it.
Drew and I are planning on catching a Knicks game when we go down to NYC in March. I cannot wait! To watch an NBA game is one of the things on my bucket list.

As enjoyable as the game was to watch, the *cough* highlight *cough* was the "dance team" that looked like a group of 12 year old girls in their older sisters clothes and makeup. It was like watching the dinner party episode of The Office, that's how awkward it was for me. Further emphasizing my ranking in cougar town.

All in all, it was a wonderful night. I think I am going to find a gym to play in sometime this week; maybe Physio guy will play ball with me tonight.  (If you read this PG, hint hint)

Nora has become quite the "story teller" as of late (I am using that instead of fibber, or the L word, because at this age they don't lie, they are just creative). Well that is what I am telling myself anyhow. 
The other day while her and I were driving to pick up Seth from school (it was just her and I in the truck) She told me she was thirsty, so I handed her a half full bottle of water. When she had enough she said to me, mom I am done, I looked back just in time to watch her dump the rest of the water onto the the floor. 
I yell Nora, why did you do that?
She looks stunned, she points to the empty seat beside her and says, "It wasn't me, it was Gabe!"  


I am grateful Drew picked up Seth today and took Nora with him, it was nice to get to spend some time with the older two this afternoon when they got home.

I am grateful I was able to go to bed at 10 pm last night and not 1am. We are trying hard to get to bed at a more reasonable time.

I am grateful for how beautiful it was today. I changed into shorts (in the house) and had the windows open and everything.


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