Saturday, January 1

Can you even believe it is 2011?

Happy New Year everyone!!
I am typing this at a whisper so as to not contribute to some of your headaches. I will also not talk about runny eggs, greasy bacon or chocolate cake just in case that makes you sick. See how thoughtful I am?

Drew has been working hard to help me start the new year off with a little different look, so Ta-Da. I hope everyone will find my blog a little easier to manover, and if anyone is just joining me/us for the first time, Welcome!

As is custom this time of year, I have been thinking up some sort of resolution. I normally do my goal setting at the beginning of the school year rather than in January, but this year I will reconfirm one goal that I set in September for myself.
This year for 2011 I am going to continue working harder at accepting myself the way I am.
I am finished with pretending I am something I am not, or acting like I am something different, it's exhausting.

So for 2011 I am going to just be me, and let the chips fall where they may. I am going to continue to allow myself to have bad days, and not rake myself over the coals about it. I am going to stop others and pay them sincere compliments when I feel I should, and let people know how I feel about them. I am going to be okay with myself when I need to wear the "other" pair of jeans this week and I am going to continue to allow myself the freedom to mess up and learn from it.
I am going to keep on being happy and laughing. And doggone it I'm going to have more "afternoon delights".

I am who I am, and who I am is Great!

I wish everyone a year full of the normal ups and downs. I wish everyone peace of mind in whatever situation they are finding themselves. I wish for everyone to get a little more action this year (wink wink).

I wish everyone a year full of hydration - we could all use more water. I wish everyone more sleep, and more nights with friends. Two ply TP, and good quality ice cream once in a while.

I hope 2011 brings more deep belly laughs; the kind that make your eyes water. And I wish everyone more joy in their journey; whatever that journey is.

I wish everyone could have a physio guy in their lives (a friend you laugh with, trust, and is helping you work towards a goal), and a truck that is dependable. And stretchy pants that you love.

I wish everyone good friends; three good recipes that you make with confidence; and I wish every woman a proper fitting bra and underwear you feel pretty in.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2011 - Thank you for coming this far with me... I hope you stick around longer to see what is around the bend. It should be exciting.

All the best in the New Year!


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Gillian said...

I feel pretty in my Superman underwear.