Friday, January 28

Blues Clues for 4 and a half hours

Drew drove Seth to school this morning so I could catch up on the stuff in the house, it was a nice change to get to stay in PJ's all morning.
I did laundry, listened to music and wrote while Nora played Blues Clues after breakfast, for 4 and a half hours to be exact. 
She runs upstairs, waits in her room while I hide 4 little paw prints on random things, then she comes downstairs to find them.
Nora was having so much fun all day, she did not get grumpy once.
File this one away in the very successful day file!


I am grateful for the funny old neighbour that I have who often makes semi-rude/weird comments to me; he came out the other day and complimented my noticeable weight loss and followed it by saying he hopes I don't lose my boobs - they tend to be the first thing to go. He's always good for a chuckle.

I am grateful for how much I am enjoying my new Jamie Oliver magazine that I got today!

I am grateful that I'm one week closer to NYC. 


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