Tuesday, January 18

50 cm Of Snow, But My Heart Is Well!

Today started out as one rough day.  
The alarm clock went off and I did not want to get out of bed. The air is dry and cold my back aches and so does my ankle and knee. My skin is dry, cracked and sore and I have to crazy glue it together so it does not bleed. (true story)
Drew had an early morning teleconference so I by default (because I don't have fancy phone calls to make) got to drive all the boys to school. 
I drove all the boys to school because we have received 50 cm of snow in the last week and I did not want any of my boys to get lost in the snow on the way to school. You laugh, I have 6 foot snow piles on my street.

When I drove Seth to school today it took me 2 hours to get there.....today was a long day of driving.

But there were a few rays of sunshine throughout the day (figuratively not literally). The sky was a bleak dull grey for the majority of the day.

After dropping off Seth, I met my friend Amanda for a visit. I laughed until my eyes were watering as we caught up. Amanda is one of those friends that it never matters how much time has gone past, you just pick up conversation right where you left off. She does my heart well. Amanda is a friend who I feel 100% safe with. I never feel judged by Amanda, and I love telling her my parenting stories (good ones and ones that can be improved upon) and I love hearing hers. We just laugh and roll our eyes. Amanda is the kind of friend everyone should have, and want to be.

After Amanda left, Nora and I spent the day at the mall. I decided the snow was too bad to risk a road closure, so we stayed in the city until Seth was done school. It was long, and my stroller is HORRIBLE to push around. After hours of mall walking, popcorn eating, dodging a weird lady trying to convince us we need haircare products but won't listen, princess store browsing (Anthro is my princess store, and the Disney store is Nora's), watching skaters, and checking if there was a movie to watch to kill the time but there wasn't... It was finally time to pick up Seth.

On the way home from the city, I was almost smashed by a semi when he selfishly decided he needed both his and my lane to drive in. Thankfully by some miracle he heard my screaming and veered at the last minute. My heart was pounding, my knuckles were white, and I was encouraging him very loudly to drive more carefully. I wanted to wave some driving technique hand gestures at him as well, but my babies were in the truck and I was seriously scared of getting into an accident if I let go of the wheel. It took me the rest of the hour drive home to calm down.

When I finally dragged my sorry butt out of the truck into the house from a long day in the city, exhausted and grumpy Drew reminded me that tonight was the night I had booked to go out with Wendy! And that perked me right up!

Wendy is my friend that every other month goes out for dinner and goes shopping with me. Wendy has been retired for some time now, she use to make costumes for theaters, she is a very talented woman and has such an eye for art and beauty. I love shopping with her she teaches me so much. We often eat at the same place, we both like it there.

When I first moved to this town Wendy was one of the very fist women I met, and we got along famously and have ever after. She always brightens my day. We chat about her son, she listens to me complain about parenting, laughs and tells me men never change and always makes me smile and feel better. She tells me about her daughter and the story of when she passed away, we both cry.

Wendy never tells me to be quiet. She always gives me permission to speak freely and honestly. She encourages with wise words and I always feel a true deep love from Wendy that is hard to explain. She understands me. Wendy walks with a cane now, actually her doctor told her she needs to carry it and she does what her doctor tells her...she carries it. She walks a little slower now then she did before, but that is only her body. She is as spicy as they come, and I love her for that. Everyone should have a Wendy in their lives. She does my heart well.

Then tonight, when I returned from my evening out with Wendy I called my dad Steve to wish him a Happy Birthday and without skipping a beat, my mom hands him the phone, tells him it's me and he says "what the hell do you want" I roar with laughter and so begins our 30 minute conversation. My dad does my heart well.

...by the end of the evening I have completely forgotten the long day of driving and all the snow.



I am grateful for all of the laughs I had today. They were much needed.

I am grateful for the clean house I came home to tonight. 

I am grateful for the people in my life that carry me along.


Anonymous said...

You make me happy! Thank you for sharing your life...that's all that needs to be said!

Anonymous said...

Oh Joelle, this is what we need to help us get through the long, cold, dark and sometimes dangerous winters! Laughing with friends, feeling cared about, and caring. And reading about it when it's not happening right now in our own lives. You've reminded me to make more of an effort to connect with my friends. Thanks so much.

Amanda Adams said...

Thank you for saying such nicethings about me. That actually braught tears to my eyes. Its always nice to be told you are a good friend.I really try to surround myself with kind, loving and semi sarcastic people who dont take the small things in life so seriously. So I am very thankful for you being in my life because you are all of these things!!! Thanks again for the great coffee date and cant wait until July!!