Saturday, December 31

Another Year Down.

After a week long break from writing I am ready to start fresh. I have been thinking about what this post would contain. My post about the last year of my life. Possibly the craziest, most exciting, most emotional year I have ever had in my 33 years so far.

Where do I begin? How do I sum up the events of the past 12 months? How do I explain how much I have grown and everything I have learned about myself and others?

Simply, I can't. 

But today as I sit here, the things I now know for sure after this roller coaster of a year are (in no particular order)

I am allowed to be happy. Happiness is not something that other people get to have. I know everyone can be happy. 

I know that I am enough. That I am of value and that others see that value, so it's time I see it too. Also, it is my responsibility to show others the value they have as well. 

I know that dreaming is not a bad thing, and to have big dreams and goals. Those are allowed and are good and when you put them out in the world, amazing things happen. 

I know that people matter. Having friends, good friends, matters. Not people who make you feel awful about yourself after. Keep the ones who love you the most and the ones that you want around. 

I have learned that I can do really really hard things! And I can do them well. 

I have learned that keeping a sense of humor through life will be what saves me. 

I know being grateful is as important as breathing and eating. And when you are grateful people notice, and want to be around you. 

I know whatever you decided to spend your time on matters. When you find your voice no matter what it is, do it, and do it with heart and dedication. Because no matter what you are saying with your voice, someone will listen. And remember to the world you might just be one person, but to one person, you might just be the world.

And I know that this life is starting to feel more right for me. I am learning to listen to my inner voice more and more and it is paying off. Really paying off. 


I am grateful for everyone who has ever taken the time to read my blog. It will never get old and never stop amazing me that people take the time to stop by and check up on me. Thank you. Thank you for the love and support you have given me these last few years. You will never know what it has meant to me.  

I am grateful for this last year of learning, I am grateful for who I am becoming, and I am grateful for this next year and all that I am sure is in store for me. The good and the bad and everything in between I look forward to it all. I will be ready, with a smile and a sarcastic remark, like I always am. 

Ciao and Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 24

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!
I will take a few days off to be with my family and friends.

Have a wonderful time with yours!



Thursday, December 22

T-Minus 3 Sleeps!

My children asked me why there are no gifts under the tree for them yet. I am wrapping things today. I don't put gifts under the tree too early because when I was younger, I would get a really sharp knife and unwrap mine. I was very good at it. I would wait until my parents were gone, and cut the tape on the presents so you could not even tell, unwrap them, see what I got, then wrap them back up.

So because of my juvenile delinquent tendencies, my children suffer and have to wait till the last possible day before they even see one gift. 

I can be such a jerk! Sometimes I giggle at the thought of the sneaky things my kids might one day do. You know, like watch a movie with someone and have a blanket over yourselves 'cause you're "cold"...yeah right! I INVENTED THAT MOVE!

So tonight I am picking up my dearest Natasha from the airport, I am really excited!!

Its almost Christmas!!


I am grateful for Natasha safe arrival.

I am grateful for a glorious good mood today.

I am grateful for my wonderful children who I am very proud of.

For example Nora, so cleaver in her ability to hid during a game of hide and seek. Its almost like full body camo.


Tuesday, December 20

My Day Of Kisses And High Fives.

Meet Gord.

Gord is one of the guys who came in this past weekend for the Chris and Joelle awkward family photos. Gord is 6'8" and when he came in all he asked me to do was give him a high five....

With his already 6'8" body, when he put his hand up it made him almost a full... really  REALLY TALL!!
So I took a running start and reached the best I could, but I did it!

Here are a few of the awkward pictures that were taken 102.3 nowradio

On Sunday we had a huge prize to give away, so all day people would com into the studio, say hi, kiss or high-five Chris and I, and that would get them entered to win this mystery box (I got 3 kisses from guys and 1 from a lady!!...Chris got none). And they were on my cheeks.

Tara was our winner. We gave her $200. She was so sweet.

 Have I mentioned how much I love working there.

I am grateful for Chris. He is such a great guy and I feel very lucky to get to work with him
Even though he is camera shy.

I am grateful for people who support me, and don't even know me.

I am grateful that I am ready for Christmas.


Monday, December 19

Disturbing Christmas videos!

Merry Christmas everyone! I am not exactly sure which one of these videos will be more disturbing for you to watch this holiday season, so I am giving them to you to decided!

There is a house in my town that has done this, and I think it is super cool. I want to do it one year, maybe not to Sexy and I know it, but I love the idea.

This is the video Jonny made that went with us singing Jingle bells the other day, I'm really sorry everyone! I sound horrific, I am no singer!

This one is a little more holiday appropriate. I think this is so beautiful!

These videos are of Crash and Mars. The morning show duo for NOW radio. They are hilarious! For Christmas this year Mars decided to teach Crash Christmas carols. It was one of my most favorite things that happened this week at the station.

It has been a really fun week. and I am so excited for Christmas.


I am grateful for the generosity of others towards me the last two days. Thank you for your kindness and your loving gifts. Thank you for thinking about me and the children this holiday season. It is touching to be the recipient of such love! And may I just say thank you for the calendar of the men....seriously BEST GIFT EVER!!!

I am grateful for the new friendships I make with total strangers.

I am grateful for how good it feels to cook and bake. Such a stress reliever!


Sunday, December 18

Music Monday And Sams Birthday Food.

This past weekend was our dinner out for Sam's birthday. No celebration would ever be complete with us if there was not food involved. We have wanted to try this pizza place for a while now, and thus seemed as good a time as any!

We went to Famoso an authentic Italian pizzeria and it was sensational! We ordered (like always) way more food than three people need, so we could try a bunch of things, and it was worth every stretched out inch of stomach space!

This was the Mediterranean dip. 

The top picture is mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto in red sauce. Bottom picture is what was voted Edmonton's best tomato soup. And yes, I agreed with its ranking!  

Our pizza was fantastic! (The straw was Deans addition for the picture)

Dessert was nuttella pizza with bananas and whip cream!

It was another splendid evening full of exceptional food and good friends!

Happy birthday Sam!

For Music Monday, I found these songs this weekend and loved them instantly!

I love the beat to this one, its so fun. 

I love Lily Allen, and this one is just awesome!

Amy Winehouse, just love you darling! 

Ingrid Michaelson is one of my personal favorites, the lyrics for this one are SENSATIONAL!!!! 


I am grateful for Sleep. Saturday night I slept 13 hours!!! 

I am grateful for a clean house. 

I am grateful for the Christmas season.


Wednesday, December 14

My First Day Recording In Jonny's Studio

On Wednesdays I go into the radio station for a few things. I normally do an air check (the boss picks a segment of the previous weekends shows, listens to what Chris and I did, then we talk about how we can improve) there is also a host meeting after air checks. 

Today I got to add to my Wednesday by going  into producer Jonny's office and recording studio and do my first recording for segments that will play over the Christmas break. It was me singing jingle bells. It sounded like garbage, and it was awesome! 

Jonny in the booth showing me how it all works, because most of the time the people he works with have an education in this sort of thing...not me! 
The Mic

I was pretty excited, I look like an idiot but my life was threatened and I was forbidden from removing this picture. 

This is what I see when looking out of the booth. 

Me singing Jingle bells. 

Jonny's Lego Batmobile on his desk. Also on his desk was the rolling stone magazine that he was getting signed today that I touched...he was very kind not to yell. 

After everyone sang, Jonny does all the editing and makes them sound  half decent. 

Thank you for smiling Jonny!

It was such a fun thing to do, I can not wait to hear it on the air over Christmas and boxing day! 


I am grateful for Charity who always watches Nora on Wednesdays so I can go do my thing at the radio!!! I LOVE YA LADY!!! 

I am grateful for the new things I learn to do at the radio. 

I am grateful for a full tank of gas! 


Tuesday, December 13

The Craziness I Love

I am not sure if I have ever explained what I do when I go the the radio station before. I am Chris's co-host and that is just chatting away in between songs and commercials (easy stuff) the other part of my job is answering texts and phone calls. It's one of the parts I enjoy the most. I love talking with people and I especially enjoy communicating to as many as possible.  The conversations I have with listeners are real and honest. We will chat about absolutely anything they want.  I have texted with people having relationship troubles, people who have just lost a loved one, sick people, newly married, people out in their tractors working their fields. Everybody in a variety of situations. 
I just love it, plain and simple! 

This past weekend while I was on the air and answering texts I received this text and it threw me off for a few minutes, I could not stop giggling. It might be, to date, the weirdest text I have gotten....

I laughed to myself all the way home. I am still laughing.

I love what I do!! 

The other thing that happened this weekend that was fun was the kids came in and got to see where I work. They loved being in the control room and Fitz put them on air and run the board. They were so thrilled. 

I can't wait until the weekend when I get to go back! 


I am grateful I am feeling a little better today. 

I am grateful I was able to get some Christmas shopping done. 

And lastly..
I am grateful for my friend Sam. It is her Birthday today! Have a wonderful day!!!!


Monday, December 12

Still sick

I am still feeling horrible. I went to work today at the restaurant, it was slow, which was merciful. I feel stiff and sore and grumpy. I am not the nicest person in the world when I am sick...yeah I know 'cause I'm the nicest person normally right...pft!


I am grateful for sleep and Advil again.


Sunday, December 11

Slow, Sick and Tired Music Monday

I am exhausted. I can feel my throat is sore and I keep coughing. My body feels achy and my head hurts.
I just wanna sleep. I want to listen to music and rest.

This weekend I was given a handful of wonderful songs that I just had to share. Even though I feel like death, they are that great I had to put them up!

Enjoy, while I go cough my guts out....


I am grateful for Advil and my bed.


Thursday, December 8

Making Cannoli's For The First Time.

I am not sure if I had mentioned that I am working back at the restaurant Little Italy again. Melanie and I take turns working there during the week while the other does childcare.
Last week when it was my turn to work my boss "the Italian" taught me to make Cannoli's. I was so excited to learn, he is a good teacher and may I just say, I did a mighty fine job! 


And ooh my were they delicious! I am learning so much from working there, this might be my favorite thing I have learned so far!


I am grateful for a good camera.

I am grateful for heated seats in my truck. 

I am grateful roast beef sandwiches with mustard at 11 pm. 


Wednesday, December 7

Parent Teacher Interviews And My Biggest Fans!

It was that time of year again. Parent teacher interviews. I always get nervous when it's time to meet the teachers my kids have. I always feel like I am about to get in trouble for something, or I need to explain my actions. "Sorry, I try to read with him every night..." or "I know his math could use some improvement..."

Luckily for me my children are really great and rather intelligent, good learners and have no trouble in a large classroom setting, so I always leave happy (shocked and unsure how such fantastic people ever came from me) but happy. 

I just start out nervous. 

When I went to the interviews this time it was the night my hot water tank was getting fixed, so to say I was distracted was a bit of an understatement. I arrived looking at my watch and felt like I needed to rush this as much as I could. I needed to get my hot water going!

yeah, he's a great reader, yup, he listens well to instructions, yup he is nice to everyone ...yup yup yup yup...

During the last visit, I was trying to hurry when Gabe's teacher pulled out his art binder, which is my favorite part, and she showed me this, I slowed right down and just sat there and smiled.

She told me that she had asked the children to draw a picture of their house in the fall. I started to chuckle to myself.

He is so proud of me. Man that feels good. There is no better feeling in the world than to be loved by a child!


I am grateful for the circle of friends I have that help me and support me. Being a single parent to four children is not easy, and there are times that I struggle. I have a strong personality and I find it challenging to accept help, but the people who know me best can see through that and help anyway. Thank you. Thank you for loving me, and serving me. Thank you for texting me or sending an email even just to say hi, I'm thinking about you.  Thank you for knowing what I need when I don't tell you, and thank you for always being there. I love you. I have the best friends in the word!

I am grateful for how calm I feel when I bake. 

I am grateful for how comfortable I am feeling at work. I feel accepted and like I am fitting in more and more. 

I am grateful for good quality hand lotion, my fingers and arms are so dry this time of year. 

I am grateful for my children. They are wonderful and I am one lucky woman! 


Tuesday, December 6

Why Wouldn't Seth Cut His Own Hair?


Big handful gone, right to the scalp!



I am grateful for laughter. How is fixes any horrible mood I might find myself in...
Against the assult of laughter, nothing can stand. Mark Twain

I am grateful for friends who help with my kids. Thank you all!

I am grateful for TP.


Monday, December 5

Nora's First Polygraph, and Music Tuesday.

Seth went out for the day with his Grandparents this past weekend. It is a beautiful tradition that Grandma and Grandpa have with the kids. They take them out for the whole day when it's their birthday and do whatever the Birthday boy or girl wants, plus they get to pick a gift.

Seth's birthday was last month, but because of some things that had come up the birthday weekend was a little later. Seth was so excited to show me his spoils from the day.

Seth got a watch. But this is no ordinary watch, this watch has night vision, audio and visual recording capabilities, and, if you can believe this..a polygraph app.

I am a little dumbfounded to be honest. I am not sure what shocks me more; the fact that it has this ability or that he needed it today.

Ethan and Gabe have fish in their room. And today I was watching a few of Melanie's kids. Nora and Mels boy R have been known to get into a bit of trouble when they are together, and today was no exception. When the boys got home from school they found that the entire bottle of fish food had been dumped into the tank. Furious the boys came storming up the stairs demanding answers from Nora. Rapid fire questions with little time for the girl to answer went on for a bit with no one getting the answers they wanted. Then out of nowhere Seth yells, "Hold on a sec. guys!" and he runs upstairs and gets his watch.

He turns it on (I did not know what was going on at this moment) points it at Nora's face and asks, "Did you dump the food in?"
Nora answers the same question "No!"

Seth stares at his watch like it's about to spit out lotto numbers...

and up pops this!

 93% truth!? Seriously? What the heck kind of kids toy is this anyway? I just giggled to myself while I watched the boys ease up on poor Nora. The relief on her face was priceless. She lives to see another day!!!

For music Monday/Tuesday I have a few picks I found using my Shazam app on my phone. I can't remember if I posted them already, so here goes!

Have a great week everyone, and may none of your water tanks blow!


I am grateful for the pine smell all throughout my house.

I am grateful for editing help with my blog.

I am grateful for comforting music.

computer problems.

Saturday, December 3

Christmas Time Again.

I normally do not write on Sunday but I have so much to share I could not wait. It's December!!!! I am anxious to forget all about last week and its awfulness, so today the kids and I decorated the tree and house for Christmas. It was wonderful! The house smells of pine, and I love the feeling in here with everything up.

I even put up the advent mittens and filled them with candies for the kids. My money is on Nora to have them ransacked and cleared out, with a belly ache by the end of the week.

I am grateful I get to go to the station.

I am grateful for getting to spend time with the kids.

I am grateful for a respectful relationship with Drew.


Friday, December 2

Comic Relief To End The Week.

It's Friday FRIDAY!!!! I am so happy to be done with this dirt bag of a week that I am considering playing this horrific song.

My week has been so awful, this song (comparatively) is good. Ya, I know!

So this morning I found this, and it made me laugh, so I thought it would be fun to share!

Tonight is my staff work Christmas party, I'm really excited about it!

I am grateful this week and all its BS is over..

I am grateful for good friends who know when I need help. Thanks Sam!

I am grateful for experiences, good or bad I learn form them.


Tuesday, November 29

When All I Can Do Is Laugh.

It is almost midnight right now and I am exhausted! Truly to the bone I am knackered.  I have had such a horrible day that all I can do right now is sit on the computer chair and laugh. I am listening to music, writing this and laughing. 

I am laughing so hard I am scaring myself. I can not see the screen very well and I think I just spit a little. 

On top of the sick children I have littered all over this house of mine, tonight I was putting the children to bed and I heard a funny noise downstairs, so of course I went to check it out. 

This was the proverbial icing I found to top my cake of a day.

I'll explain what this is to the untrained eye. This is my blown hot water tank that flooded a room in my basement. So tomorrow I am getting a new hot water tank....MERRY CHRISTMAS ME!!!!

Ooh you shouldn't have, how did you know it's exactly what I wanted? :) 

I am laughing again...honestly, I even just snorted! 


I am grateful for hard times, and hard things. I enjoy the pressure of difficulty, it reminds me how strong I am and how I can do anything. 

I am grateful for Sam bringing me stuff for my soup tonight. Thanks Lady! 

I am grateful for music and how it calms me. 


Monday, November 28

My Day Of Vomit

My children are sick, and like always it is a tag team event, them against me. Most often they win!

This time was like every other, one barfs then the next one barfs and so on. 
Then before you know it my house smells, there is a stack of laundry to the roof, I have not showered for 2 days and after the children finally go to bed I am in the fetal position rocking back and forth mumbling something about pretty birds. 

So, ya, It was a great day. Can't wait for tomorrow. Flu season is always an exciting time. 


I am grateful for Charity! Thank you for surprising us with dinner tonight, let me tell you it was delicious. Just so you know, it did not look as good when it came back up later in the evening. 

I am grateful for the working vacuum I got to borrow today so I could clean my area rug.  

I an grateful for children s Tylenol and Gravol. 


Sunday, November 27

Music Monday With New Stuff.

One of the things I love the most about working at the radio station is all the new music that comes across Chris's desk. Chris is one of the people at NOW radio that decides what music goes on our regular play rotation, so because I get to work with him he lets me listen to the new things that are brought to his attention.

There have been a few new songs that we play that I absolutely love right now. Most of the time when I am working Chris and I will chat on air, then when a song comes on we take our headphones off and turn down the music so we can continue talking. Except for these songs, when these songs play I keep my headphones on and sing to.

I hope you enjoy them.

Yesterday Fitzy and I were talking about relationships and this song came up, so we played it. Some of you I think will love it as much as I did!

Then to make this Music Monday ever more Bi-polar. I found this song this week at Starbucks, it was one of their free songs.

I have a pretty exciting week ahead of me, I am looking forward to sharing it with everyone!


I am grateful for peanut M&M's an popcorn. Mixed together they are delicious!

I am grateful for the beautiful weather this week. 

I am grateful for Karma! 


Thursday, November 24

No Heat

This morning 30 minutes after I got up the power went out in the house. It made for a very interesting day because today was my day to do laundry and bake. Yes, I guess I could have washed the clothes by hand and baked over an open flame, I know I know, I'm just lazy...

An hour after the power went out the house temp had dropped 2 degrees and I was worried about the crabs.
After 2 hours it dropped another 2 degrees and I was being forced to actually spend time with Nora doing "old school" parenting techniques like reading and playing with her instead of just letting her sit in front of the TV all day. Who does that anymore?

After 3 hours I was pretty sure one of the crabs had died and I was so cold I had 2 sweaters on and warm pants, Nora was wrapped in a blanket too. It was 17 degrees, it was like being in my parents house, only they actually put it at that temp on purpose. It's like a cryogenic lab there.

I was feeling a little put out and annoyed with the events (or lack there of) during my day. All I really wanted was a hot shower and to be warm.

That was until I watched this video.

After watching this, I was no longer complaining about my day. I will go without heat for a few hours  happily if this NEVER EVER happens to me EVER!!!

Sigh... I am no longer bummed out. I am actually singing and dancing and feeling rather delighted about my house NOT being this way!

My favorite part of the video is when she says "Ooh I'm gonna throw up".



I am grateful the crab did not die. I was pretty sure it had after it got so cold in here, but I dropped some water on it and it moved a little, so I think its OK.

I am grateful for my dear friend Paige. She is getting married this weekend and I am really happy for her! You deserve all the happiness in the world you sweet lady! He is a good and very lucky man!

I am grateful for laughing and how it fills my bucket and refreshes my soul!

Wednesday, November 23

The Day I Got Crabs.

The day I got crabs started out innocently enough. I was headed into the city, the only place to get quality crabs around here. West Edmonton Mall, to be exact. 

I know. Most people don't seek out crabs. Why would any sane person WANT crabs?

Because I've been a bit lonely lately and because I'm inexperienced and because it's best making stupid decisions with someone else, I invited a friend to come with me.

My friend Ryan (we will call him Ryan to protect his identity) came with me. Ryan, being an expert in the field of crabs, made me less nervous. He was great at explaining what to expect and how to care for them. I am grateful my first time with crabs was so pleasant and borderline enjoyable. He even showed me how to hold them and helped name them. What a gentleman.

Their names, respectfully, Kermit the Hermit 

And Shelly...

 Then to make my Seth's 7th birthday over the top special I had my dear friend Amanda make these adorable cupcake for him.

Seth had a wonderful night and loved everything, especially the crabs!


I am grateful for left over crepes that fed me at midnight. 

I am grateful for My beautiful children. 

I am grateful for the endless crab jokes that have been going an all day. 


Happy Birthday Seth!

Today is my baby boys 7th Birthday and I think I am having a bit of an emotional day.

I have been thinking about how far this little creature has come and all he has achieved in his few short years here on earth. Seth is an inspirational child and I am a fortunate person to know him. I get the privileged of watching this amazing child who is so full of life grow to become the astounding man he will inevitably one day be.

Seth I love you.

Monday, November 21

When You Are Magical In The Eyes Of Children.

Today was a hard day.
My back really hurts, pretty much all the time actually. And now that I am doing it without painkillers makes me a tad grouchy. I can normally deal with things OK until about noon, then I can't seem to fake a smile any longer. 

I had to pick the boys up from school to rush them into the city to get checked over by the doctor then had to rush them back so I could go to my physio appointment. I love physio, but the IMS needles sometimes get the better of me and my rapidly depleting good mood. 

When I get home from Physio I am counting down the hours until bedtime. Because I do not have the luxury of going to bed when I get home, I still get to go grocery shopping, cook, clean and shovel the walk, do laundry and parent. 

It's safe to assume that my mood continues to tumble down the proverbial hill ass over tea kettle and by 7:30 I might not exactly resemble Mary #@$&*^% Poppins anymore. 

I make it a habit of tucking the children into bed, singing them their Special Angel song and sitting on their bed and talking with them for a few minutes. 
Tonight the song was on fast forward and so was the chitchat....That was until I got to Seth's room to say goodnight.

Seth was sitting up in his bed, sparkling eyes, ready to hear his song sang to him in my rap version (the kids pick which genera I sing to them). 

After the song, I kissed his forehead and tried to hurry things along so I could get to my relaxing, when he looked up at me and said, "I am really excited about my Birthday"

Being rather self absorbed today, I actually had not given it much thought. His cake is ordered, and I know what his gift is but the details were a blur. It is on Wednesday too. 

So I said,  Well, what do you want to do for it?
And that's when he gave me an emotional left hook when he said, 

"I don't care, I just know it will be wonderful (said with a huge grin and sparkling eyes)" then he finishes me off with the upper cut ," I always look forward to the special things you do for my Birthday mom, that's one of the ways I know you love me so much"

Yup, that's me, KO'd on the floor there...just step over me if you don't mind. 

So now it's 10 pm, and I am no longer thinking about my back. Now I am am making homemade chocolate lollipops for his class as their special treat for Seth's birthday. Because that adorable kid thinks I am special and is excited just thinking about what I am going to do. So I assure you, I will not be disappointing him. His little Birthday is going to be so special that even Martha Stewart will be taking notes! 

So I gotta go, and be magical for that little boy. 


I am grateful for the wonder of children. 

I am grateful taking initiative. 

I am grateful for busy days that finally do end. 


Sunday, November 20

Cupcakes and Music Monday.

The weeks feel like they take forever to get through and the weekends blow by so fast. I enjoy my time at the station so much, it's my escape form being lonely and bored all week. Saturday morning feels like years away, then I blink and it's Sunday night.

Nobody said life was fair did they?

Friday night Sam, Charity and I went to Braking Dawn part 1 of the Twilight series. It was fantastic. I am not embarrassed to admit I watch the movies and read the books. I actually sat in this line up for over an hour just to get into the theater.

After we were finished the movie and Sam drove me home, she blew through a red light and we got pulled over.

To be honest I was shocked that the police officer did not giver her a ticket. He asked where we were tonight and when we told him that we had seen twilight he told us his wife was going too. He said he did not want to ruin our fun night out. So he warned her and sent us on home. Very cool!

On Sunday, when Chris, Fitzy and I were doing the show some ladies came in and brought cupcakes for us. We each got 6 in our own special box and everything. They were fantastic!

It was another fun weekend doing the stuff that I enjoy.

For this Music Monday I have a few songs I was given this week that I just loved, so of course, I want to share them with you.

I am grateful that this radio thing is my constant. I love having something to look forward to every week. It gets me through the long lonely weekdays.

I am grateful goat cheese with figs in it.

I am grateful for warm slippers on cold days. (There are some great ones at payless)


Saturday, November 19

Whew..that was close!

Tonight we went to Twilight, ya ya ya laugh all you want, I loved it!
On the way home Sam got pulled over by a police officer because she did not stop at the lights before turning.
There was a part of me that wanted to say "search her officer, shes got lots to hide" But I didn't.
He let her off after we told him we just came back from Twilight.

Thank you Edward for helping us out tonight.
You are my hero!


I am grateful tomorrow is a radio day!!!

I am grateful for warm jackets.

I am grateful for good friends!


Thursday, November 17

I Clearly Need To Spank My Children More.

Tonight while I was putting Nora back in her bed for the 7th time. I said in a voice of complete frustration, "do you want a spank?"
She giggled and said, not now mommy but tomorrow I will definitely take one of those! 

How am I supposed to stay annoyed after that?

Later on in the evening while I was writing, Ethan came upstairs and triumphantly showed me the tooth he just pulled out from his bottom jaw. 
I said, well done! Did it hurt? 
He said, "No, I just said to myself, "be a man , you can do this!" And then I ripped it out! 
You should have seen his smile, and how proud he was of himself. 

I giggled again. What a great kid!


ooh one more addition to the Bucket List. See Ingrid Michaelson in concert. 


I am grateful for Physio Guy, thank you my friend. You always know how to make me feel better. I hate those damn needles you use, but they do the trick. I will see you again soon.

I am grateful for music. 

I am grateful for days when all you do is eat. 

Wednesday, November 16

Back To The Old Drawing Board.

Today was not such a great day. It started off well enough, but went on a rather sharp decline as the day went on.
I hurt my back yesterday. It was silly, but the damage is done. I tried to pretend I could tough through it all day yesterday and then again today, but I am only fooling myself.

So I called Physio Guy and have an appointment first thing in the morning. UGH.... I am not excited about IMS again. (That is my friend Melanie in the video)

I am off to bed, to rest up for my morning of torture and hell mixed with laughing and tears. Ill let you all know tomorrow how the needles feel again. I am sure they have gotten more comfortable since I last had them.



I am grateful for comfortable pants.

I am grateful for how good it feels to pay my bills.

I am grateful for clean sheets.

Tuesday, November 15

Revamping My Bucket List.

I have been thinking about my bucket list tonight, now that I have crossed off so many thing on it with my trip to London and Italy. I (after a suggestion form a friend) now try to add something new once something was crossed off.

Go to London England
-Eat at Jamie Olivers  restaurant (his fish pie)
-Meet Mr. Oliver because he happens to be there, he takes me on a tour of his kitchen and I get a picture with him
-Get a picture taken with the Queens guard

-Go to a castle

Go to Italy
-Dance with a complete stranger (also make out with said stranger.. kidding... kinda)

Things I want to eat:
-Collard greens
-Pizza in Naples
-Benyas in New Orleans
-Pub food in a pub in London
-Seafood linguine with real octopus
-Eat real mozzarella cheese

The things I have decided to now add to my Bucket List are:

-Go whale watching in the ocean on a boat and see the largest animal in the world in its own habitat. 

-Take my children on a vacation where they will need their passports. Let them swim with Dolphins while we are there.

-Go back to Italy. Stay in Sperlonga and Fondi and take the train down to Naples. 

-Learn how to run the board at the radio station.

-Go to NFR in Les Vegas.
Actually I would love to just go to to Vegas for any reason actually. 

-Catch a lobster while in the East coast.

-Make a cheese cake from scratch.

-Learn to make Mozzarella cheese.

-Spend a day with my Grandmother and learn to make perogies. 

-Go on a trip with my brother Dawson, or do the Amazing Race with him. 

I think this is pretty good for now. I'll add more later. 



I am grateful for sleep. 

I am grateful anger goes away with sleep. 

I am grateful for the ability I have to work and provide.