Sunday, December 26

Wise men still seek him

This is one of my most favorite pictures at Christmas time. The story of how the wise men traveled so far, enduring what would have been such a huge journey to meet a child. A child! How they respected this infant so much that they ignored the request of a king and returned to their home another way because they felt the king was not good.  Wise men still seek him.

What a glorious day it has been. What a wonderful, fun, exciting day. 

Our poor boys woke up at the butt crack of dawn and were so desperate for Nora to wake up. They were pacing, laughing loudly, throwing things at her bedroom door, they were flicking the lights in the hallway by her room on and off a million times. It was hilarious to watch.
Princess Nora kept those boys waiting until almost 8 am until she decided to get out of bed. 

Then it was total bedlam!

Every single thing Nora opened she responded with a gasp and said, "it's exactly what I wanted" What a great year. The boys had a fantastic day too. There is nothing more enjoyable to me than watching the boys running, playing and laughing together. 
I made out pretty well too, and Drew is not complaining. But he never does when it's wrapped in pink VS bags.

The food was amazing. My mother in law did a marvelous job (as always) and I ate way more then I should have. Yay for Gillian Micheals for the next  30  92 days! (until NYC)

It was a good day filled with joy and family. 

I would never ever be tacky enough to post pictures of gifts I received, but this one tops all the charts of what could possibly be the single weirdest gift that my husband actually asked for and got. If there was any doubt that we are different people, this just confirmed it. He is such a weirdo. 

For those of you who are wondering, my husband asked for and got 14/2 house wire so he can finish my kitchen. Sigh, and if you can even believe it, he was excited and happy to get it. 
Like I said, weirdo!



I am grateful for my special little treasures that I got today. I feel very loved.

I am grateful Drew has the week off.

I am grateful for the exciting fun we have planned for the kids Monday!