Sunday, November 28

Grey Cup Sunday

I myself am a Calgary Stampeders fan.  But because I married a boy with a family from Saskatchewan, when the Stamp's don't make the final, I am by default a Saskatchewan Roughriders fan.  And this weekend here in Canada it's the Grey Cup.  Which is our Canadian Football League equivalent to the Super Bowl, only with a lot less Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunctions.  Because here in Canada it is too cold for any type of mishap like that.  Had J.T. and her been singing that song in Edmonton for Grey Cup weekend, it wouldn't have come close to a problem because the shirt she wore underneath the turtleneck underneath the heated vest underneath the down filled 3/4 length jacket with the scarf and toque and mittens would never have allowed for it.

Anyway, it's a big deal here in Canada and I'm pretty excited.  Roughriders fans have a strange tradition of making football helmets out of watermelons and wearing them during the Grey Cup.  Here is an example of what I am talking about (disclaimer: I don't know these people I found the picture online):

They are pretty hardcore fans.  And in our great city these last few days they have been sporting their green attire everywhere.  It's pretty exciting.  These fans are so hard core in fact that some poor guy had an opportunity to win tickets to the Grey Cup on a local radio station (102.3 Now Radio) and all he had to do was sit for 3 hours in an enclosed room listening to this 199 times.  Poor sucker!  I don't think I could/would do it.  But he did and good on ya pal!



I am super grateful Church ends by noon... football game starts at 4pm!!!

I am grateful for my incredible in-laws who took Seth on a special day for his Birthday yesterday.  They took him for lunch and went shopping and he had a great time!  

I am grateful for all the cookie exchange ladies... thank you for all the yummy treats.

I am grateful that Due Date was so friggin hilarious.  What a funny show!  I needed a good laugh.